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— J
e w i s h
nn iversar ies
articles of its editor, one of the outstanding Jewish scholars and
reformers of the 19th century, who published it until his death
in 1874.
L e o J u n g .
70th birthday. Born in Ungarisch-Brod, Moravia,
Austria-Hungary, now Czechoslovakia, June 20, 1892. Rabbi at
the Jewish Center in New York and professor of ethics at Yeshiva
University, he is one of the leading Orthodox rabbis in the
United States. He has published several volumes of sermons and
studies in comparative religion. He also contributed to the
Soncino translation of the Talmud into English.
B o r y s K l e t z k i n .
25th anniversary of death. Born in Horo-
dishtsh, Russia, 1875, died in Vilna, September 17, 1937. The
publishing house he established under his name was the most
important one for Yiddish literature in this century. In addition
to literary and philological journals he published the contempo­
rary Yiddish classics and translations of outstanding works into
that language. He was also one of the founders and patrons of
the Yiddish Scientific Institute.
Z i s h o L a n d a u .
25th anniversary of death. Born in Plotzk,
Poland, 1888, died in New York, January 16, 1937. Coming to
America in 1906, this Yiddish poet rebelled against the older
Yiddish writers. His work was characterized by musical lyricism
and sensuous word-pictures.
E l i e z e r L a n d s h u t h .
75th anniverary of death. Born in Lissa,
Germany, 1817, died in Berlin, March 23, 1887. A liturgical
scholar, he published a history of Jewish religious poetry and of
the Berlin rabbis from 1671 to 1800, both in Hebrew.
E m m a L a z a r u s .
75th anniversary of death. Born in New York,
1849, died there November 19, 1887. Best known for the poem,
“The New Colossus,” inscribed at the base of the Statue of
Liberty in New York harbor, she wrote many poems and essays in
defense of Jews and Judaism under the impact of the Czarist
J o s e p h L e f t w i c h .
70th birthday. Born in Zutphen, Holland,
September 20, 1892. Beginning his literary career as a Yiddish
journalist, he made his greatest contribution with his antholo­
T h e Golden Peacock.
The former includes
selections from the writings of medieval and modern Jewish
writers, the latter presents translations of Yiddish poetry.
L e ib u s h L e h r e r .
75th birthday. Born in Warsaw, Poland,
April 6, 1887. His first literary activity consisted of poems written
for American Yiddish journals. His major work, however, deals
with psychology and education, written in Yiddish, much of it
under the auspices of the Yiddish Scientific Institute, one of
whose leaders he is in New York.