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period of Jewish history. His political essays are distinguished
by clarity of expression.
H a r r y R o g o f f .
80th birthday. Born in Berezina, Russia,
December 11, 1882. Coming to America as a child, he has been
on the staff of the
Jewish Daily Forward
for over 50 years, suc­
ceeding Abraham Cahan as editor. His Yiddish works deal with
American history. In English he published a biography of Meyer
London, the Socialist congressman from the Lower East Side.
M o r r i s R o s e n f e l d .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Bosh-
ko, Russia, December 28, 1862, died in New York, June 22, 1923.
In America since 1886, he worked in a sweatshop and used this
experience as background for his Yiddish poetry, which soon
won acclaim for its vigor and dynamism. An English translation
of his poetry was published in 1898 under the title
Songs of the
L e o n R o s e n t h a l .
75th anniversary of death. Born in Vilna,
Russia, 1817, died in Locarno, Switzerland, June 19, 1887. A
successful banker, he was a leader in the Haskalah movement in
Russia and one of the founders of the Society for the Promotion
of Culture among the Jews of Russia, whose history he published
in a Hebrew work.
G o t t h o l d S a l o m o n .
100th anniversary of death. Born in
Sandersleben, Germany, 1784, died in Hamburg, Germany,
November 17, 1862. Preacher at the Reform Temple in Hamburg,
he edited its controversial prayer book and a popular German
Bible edition in cooperation with the noted Viennese preacher,
Isaac Noah Mannheimer.
A s c h e r S a m m t e r .
75th anniversary of death. Born in Deren-
burg, Germany, 1807, died in Berlin, January 31, 1887. A rabbi
in Liegnitz, he devoted himself to the study and translation of
rabbinic literature. He translated the Tractate Baba Mezia into
German and also edited the Seder Zeraim of the Mishnah with a
vocalized text, German translation and commentary.
S h n e o r Z a lm a n b en B a r u c h ,
of Ladi. 150th anniversary of
death. Born in Liozna, Russia, 1747, died in Pyen, Russia, Decem­
ber 27, 1812. Founder of the Habad movement within Hasidism,
which stressed the combination of Talmudic studies with the
mystical ideas of Hasidism, he incorporated his doctrines in the
which was printed many times. He also wrote a code
called Shulchan Aruch, like that of Joseph Caro.
(Schreiber). 200th anniversary of birth. Born in
Frankfort on the Main, Germany, September 24, 1762, died in
Pressburg, Slovakia, Austria-Hungary, now Czechoslovakia, 1839.
Considered the outstanding Talmudist of his generation, he in­
corporated his comments and responsa in several works, all under
ien er
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