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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
the title
Hatham Sofer,
by which name he is generally known.
Toward the latter part of his life he fought against the Reform
movement as first manifested in Hamburg in 1819.
E l i j a h S p i r a .
250th anniversary of death. Died in Prague,
April 14, 1712. Head of a famous Talmud academy in Prague,
he wrote notes to the Talmud and to the law code of Mordecai
E l i e z e r S t e i n m a n .
70th birthday. Born in Hobodovka, Russia,
1892, he now lives in Israel. A writer of Hebrew novels, short
stories and literary essays dealing with the problems of the
modern Jew, he has of late devoted considerable attention to the
collection of Hasidic materials which are being published under
the title
Be’er ha-Hasidut
(The Fountain of Hasidism), a series
of volumes still in progress.
D a v id W e r b e l o w s k y .
25th anniversary of death. Born in Eydt-
kuhnen, Germany, 1878, died in Brooklyn, N. Y., September 17,
1937. For many years he was president of the Hebrew Publishing
Company, which has published countless Hebrew prayer books,
text-books, and American editions of the modern Hebrew classics.
J o s e p h R i t t e r v o n W e r t h e i m e r .
75th anniversary of death.
Born in Vienna, in 1800, died there March 16, 1887. A successful
business man, philanthropist and Jewish community leader, he
fought for Jewish emancipation in Austria in various writings
and also edited a Jewish almanac for over a decade (
fur Israeliten,
100th anniversary. Founded by Hayyim Selig Slo-
nimski in Warsaw, February 4, 1862, it was published with inter­
vals until 1928. Especially under the editorship of Nahum Soko-
low from 1880 on, it became the most important Hebrew news­
paper of its time, being issued as a daily for many years.
S o l o m o n Z e i t l i n .
70th birthday. Born in Tshashaniki, Russia,
May 31, 1892. Professor of rabbinical literature at Dropsie Col­
lege for Hebrew and Cognate Learning in Philadelphia, his
major field of study has been the Hellenistic period of Jewish
history. He also has been co-editor of the
Jewish Quarterly Review,
one of the few scholarly journals in the Jewish field published
in English.
A r n o l d Z w e ig .
75th birthday. Born in Glogau, Germany,
November 10, 1887. This German novelist lived in Palestine
after 1933, but returned to East Germany following the Second
World War. Regarded as an outstanding German stylist, he
attacked German nationalism in his war novels, like
T h e Case of
Sergeant Grisha,
and used Jewish backgrounds for many of his
other books, like
dealing with anti-Semitism, and
Insulted and Exiled,
about German Jewish life.