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HE variety and quality of Judaica recorded in this biblio­
graphy could serve as a barometer of Jewish cultural vitality
and the literary and scholarly creativity in this hemisphere. The
number of volumes published in the period was considerably
larger than in preceding years.
It is also noteworthy that more books on Jewish history and
biography appeared this year than in almost any recent previous
year. The volumes on American Jewish history by Malcolm Stern
and Jerome Rosenbloom, both disciples of the American Jewish
Archives, attest the steady progress being made by this important
school of American Jewish history. The work of Jacob Robinson
and the late Philip Friedman,
A Guide to Jewish History Under
the Nazi Impact,
will greatly facilitate the task of the student of
modern history searching for sources. Among the many bio­
graphies included here the volumes on Ahad Haam, the Szold
family, Abraham Rosenbach and Albert D. Lasker, as well as
the autobiographies of Bernard Baruch and A. I. Willinsky,
will evoke much interest for the historian and for the general
The new contributions to Jewish religious thought by leading
American rabbis will prove useful for an understanding of the
problems challenging American Jewish life. In this group are
volumes by Samuel Belkin, Solomon B. Freehof, Robert Gordis,
Theodore N. Lewis, Jakob Petuchowski and David Polish, each
of whom has made a distinct contribution to the literature on
Judaism. The new edition of Meyer Waxman’s comprehensive
History of Jewish Literature
includes a survey of American
Jewish literature and of the latest Israeli writing. The collections
of sermons and addresses by Stuart Rosenberg, Saul I. Teplitz,
and Samuel Umen, as well as the annual volume by the Rab­
binical Council of America, reflect the productivity within the
The complete English translation of Theodor Herzl’s diaries
heads the group of important books on Zionism and Israel. These
include Dov Joseph’s absorbing account of the siege of Jerusalem
in 1948, Leonard Stein’s history of the Balfour Declaration and
Ben Halpern’s study of the Zionist idea and the Jewish State.
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