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e w i s h
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n n u a l
The second volume of Chagall’s illustrations to the Bible, Avi
Yonah’s book of Israel mosaics, and A. Raymond Katz’s album
on Jewish holidays have enriched the growing collection of
Jewish art volumes.
The much heralded English translation of the Siddur by David
de Sola Pool, and the translations, respectively, of the Mahzor
by Philip Birnbaum, Ben Zion Bokser, and Max D. Klein,
evidence the unflagging interest in new interpretations of our
The general reader will also be attracted to the growing list
of Judaica in paperback issued by the Jewish Publication Society
jointly with Meridian Books, and to the series which Schocken
Books is publishing in this country.
The uninterrupted publication of the
Hebrew Union College
now in its 31st volume, the 61st volume of the
Jewish Year Book,
and the 18th
Jewish Book Annual,
each of
special value for scholarship and for extensive reference material,
deserve the important place they have achieved through the
years in every reference collection.
braham s
, I
sra el
Jewish life in the middle ages. New York, Meridian, 1960.
452 p. Paperbound reprint.
Adler, Selig, and
o n n o l l y
, T
E. From Ararat to suburbia: the
history of the Jewish community of Buffalo. Philadelphia, Jewish Pub­
lication Society,
1960. 498
The authors have combed the records of all the synagogues and
Jewish institutions and try to show that the Buffalo community forms
a prototype for Jewish communities elsewhere. The social, religious and
cultural problems encountered in the development of Jewish life are
, H
e r b e r t
The saving remnant: an account of Jewish survival. New
York, Viking, 1960. 269 p.
History of the fate of European Jews and the important part which
the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee had in saving and
preserving the life of Jews and Jewish institutions since the first
world war.
l b e c k
, I
Song of twilight. New York, Vantage, 1961. 64 p.
Poems inspired by religious feeling for the beauty of nature and
memories of ancient civilizations and cultures.
l leg ro
, J
The treasure of the copper scroll. Garden City,
N. Y., Doubleday, 1960. 191 p.
The opening and decipherment of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
a h
, M .
e y e r
Israel: ancient mosaics. Greenwich,
Conn., N.
Graphic Society, 1960. 24 p. 32 color plates.
Reproduces for the first time some of the most notable of the Roman,
early Christian and Jewish mosaic works uncovered by archaeological
work in Israel.
a ec k
, L
e o
The essence of Judaism. New York, Shocken, 1961. 287 p.
Paperbound reprint.
a ira c l i
- L
e v y
, J
u l i e t t e
d e
Summer in Galilee. New York, Duell, Sloan
and Pearce, 1960. 244 p.
Having known the area as a young girl, the author spent a summer
in Tiberias, on the shores of the Lake of Galilee, to enjoy and record
the daily experiences with people of all faiths living there.