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ar ish
, L
ou is
Basic Jewish beliefs. New York, Jonathan David, 1961.
356 p.
Questions and answers about conceptsi of Judaism from Bible days
to the present, by an active chaplain in the U. S. armed forces.
arka i
, M
e y e r
The standard American Jewish directory, 1960. New York,
1960. 544 p.
A full listing of organizations, synagogues and commercial enterprises
of a Jewish nature, with names and addresses of officials and pro­
fessional leaders.
, S
i t tm a y e r
A social and religious history of the Jews: 2nd
edition, revised and enlarged: index to volumes I-VIII. Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society; New York, Columbia University, 1960. 163 p.
A carefully prepared guide to the expanded work to the middle ages.
------- . Modern nationalism and religion. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society; New York, Meridian, 1960. 363 p. Paperbound reprint.
aru ch
, B
M. The public years. New York, Holt, Rinehart and
Winston, 1960. 448.
The second volume of the autobiography gives an account of his
nearly 50 years in public affairs.
e eg l e
, D
e w e y
M. God’s word into English. New York, Harper, 1960. 178 p.
The many problems of translating the Bible into English are analyzed
and explained.
e l k in
, S
am u e l
In His image. New York, Abelard, 1961. 288 p.
A presentation of the principles of Jewish philosophy and Jewish
law and their meaning in the rabbinic tradition, showing the organic
unity which exists between the spiritual foundations of traditional
Judaism and the all-encompassing code of practices by which it lives,
by the President of Yeshiva University.
e n
sh er
, N
aom i
, L
e a f
, H
a y im
u f fm a n
, L
L . ,
The junior
Jewish encyclopedia. New York, Shengold, 1961. 4th revised edition. 350 p.
An up to date revision of an illustrated popular volume.
e n tw ic h
, N
o rm an
Israel resurgent. New York, Praeger, 1960. 255
p .
The story of Israel since its creation in 1948 and the tremendous
social, economic and religious problems it faced during its development.
, G
ertrud e
Molly and me. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1961. 256
p .
Memoirs of Gertrude Berg, known for her portrayal of the part of
Molly Goldberg on radio and television.
, A
brah am
, M
arw ick
, L
aw r en c e
e y e r
, I
S., eds. The
Joshua Bloch memorial volume: studies in booklore and history. New
York, New York Public Library, 1960. 219 p.
Contributions by scholars and friends in tribute to the late Chief of
the Jewish Division of the New York Public Library. Bibliography of his
writings by Dora Steinglass.
, S
am u e l
Faith and reason: an introduction to modern
Jewish thought. Trans, and edited by Alfred Jospe. Washington, B’nai
B ’rith Hillel Foundations, 1961. 158 p.
A philosophical introduction to Jewish thought by the professor of
the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
B i k e l , T h e o d o r e .
Folksongs and footnotes. New York, Meridian,
19 6 0 . 2 5 4 p .
Included are the words and music to the best known Hebrew, Yiddish,
American and European songs as well as a Bikel discography.
irn baum
, P
h i l i p
Mahzor Ha-Shalem for New Year and Day of Atonement.
New York, Hebrew Publishing, 1960. volumes 1-2.
The full Hebrew text of the traditional prayer book for the High
Holy Days with an English translation.
lum e n t h a l
, W
B. Branch of almond. New York, Bookman, 1961.
288 p.
Account of the life of the prophet Jeremiah, based on an original
translation from Hebrew of the book of Jeremiah.
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