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I. E.
K ie v — A m e r i c a n J e w i s h N o n - F i c t i o n B o o k s
ran t
, F
Ancient Judaism and the New Testament. New York,
Macmillan, 1960. 190 p.
Picture of Judaism’s influence upon early Christian literature, thought
and practice. Dr. Grant seeks to dispel the prejudices that have dimmed
Christianity’s debt to Judaism and to give a sound basis for biblical study.
------- . Translating the Bible. Greenwich, Conn., Seabury, 1961. 164 p.
, S
t e ph en
R. Burke, Disraeli and Churchill: the politics of per­
severance. Cambridge, Harvard University, 1961. 262 p.
In this examination of the novels of Disraeli, the author shows how
Disraeli delineates the character of the “outsider” who makes his way
in British politics. All three leaders are shown to be critics rather than
representatives of their age.
r a y z e l
, S
o lom on
A history of the contemporary Jews. Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society; New York, Meridian, 1960. 192 p. Paper-
An expansion of an historical essay; a concise description of Jewish
events since 1900.
rom e t
, R
o bert
Y. The Old Testament story: a narrative poem. New York,
Greenwich, 1960. 62 p.
runw a ld
, K
o n a ll
, J
oach im
O. Industrialization in the Middle
East. New York, Council for Middle Eastern Affairs, 1960. 394 p.
The economics factors in the modernization of the Arab countries
and Israel.
u ild ing
, A
i l e e n
The fourth gospel and Jewish worship: a study of the
relation of St. John’s gospel to the ancient Jewish lectionary system.
New York, Oxford University, 1960. 300 p.
u i l l e t
, J
Themes of the Bible. New York, Fides, 1961. 302 p.
Study of the vocabulary of the Bible.
u n th er
, J
o hn
Taken at the flood: the story of Albert D. Lasker. New
York, Harper, 1960. 368 p.
Biography of Albert Lasker, the American tycoon who rose from
humble beginnings to wealth and success in the field of advertising.
u t h r ie
, H
H . , J
God and history in the Old Testament. Greenwich,
Seabury, 1960. 179 p.
a lk in
, A
S., ed. Zion in Jewish literature. New York, Herzl Press,
1961. 135 p.
Six essays on Zion as expressed in different periods of Jewish literature.
a l p e rn
, B
e n
The idea of the Jewish state. Cambridge, Harvard Uni­
versity, 1961. 492 p.
A general explanation of the background of Israel as a whole, from
early Zionist conceptions to the present day State.
am m a ch er
A. M. Jacques Lipchitz: his sculpture. New York, Abrams,
1960. 176 p.
A biography and appreciation of the sculptor’s contribution to modern
a r t
Moss. Act one: an autobiography. New York, New American Library,
1960. 383 p. Paperbound reprint.
e a t t e r
, G
a b r ie l
There’s good news to-night. New York, Doubleday, 1960.
216 p.
The autobiography of a prominent American radio news commentator.
Hebrew Union College annual: vol. 31. Elias L. Epstein, editor. Cincinnati,
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, 1960. 276 p.
Studies in Hebrew philology, biblical and rabbinic Judaism, and
Jewish philosophy, literature and art.
e im l e r
, E
ug en e
Night of the mist. Trans, by Andre Ungar. New York,
Vanguard, 1960. 192 p.
Recalls the author’s captivity in the concentration camps of Buchen-
wald and Auschwitz under the Nazis.