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I. E.
K ie v — A m e r i c a n J e w i s h N o n - F i c t i o n B o o k s
a rm it e r
, G
e o f f r e y
C. King David, shepherd and psalmist. New York,
Nelson, 1961. 195 p.
Traces the life of King David, showing his career in historical
perspective and relating him to the times in which he lived.
, B
I remember: sketch for an autobiography. New York,
Meridian, 1960. 192 p.
Incidents from the Russian author’s early life.
, J
o hn
The prophets of Israel. Nashville, Abingdon, 1961. 96 p.
A popular interpretation of the meaning of existence as found in
Job and Proverbs.
e tuchow sk i
, J
J .
Ever since Sinai. New York, Scribe, 1961. 133 p.
A modern interpretation of the historical development of Jewish
traditions and theology.
f e i f f e r
, C
ha rles
ed. Baker’s Bible atlas. Grand Rapids, Baker, 1961.
Colored maps, black and white outline maps, photographs, geographic
gazetteer and so on. Consulting editors are: Dr. E. Leslie Carlson and
Dr. Martin H. Scharlemann.
f e i f f e r
, R
o bert
e n r y
. R e l ig io n in th e O ld T e s t a m e n t : th e h i s to ry o f a
s p i r i tu a l t r iu m p h . E d i t e d by C h a r le s C o n ra d F o rm a n . N ew Y o rk , H a r p e r ,
1961. 276
p .
Stresses the spiritual growth of Israel. After the author’s death, the
manuscript, complete to 621 B.C.E., was edited and completed through
200 B.C.E.
ip e r
, O
A. The biblical view of sex and marriage. New York, Scribner,
1960. 239 p.
The author’s interpretation is based on two fundamental ideas gleaned
from his Bible studies: reverence for the mystery of sex, and the
sanctification of marriage.
o l ish
, D
The eternal dissent: a search for meaning in Jewish history.
New York, Abelard-Schuman, 1961. 288 p.
An interpretation of the chief factors in the history of Jewish survival
and cultural vitality by the rabbi of Free Synagogue-Beth Emet, Evans­
ton, Illinois.
o o l
, D
o la
ed. and trans. The siddur: the traditional prayer
book for Sabbath and festivals. New York, University Books, 1960. 879 p.
De luxe enlarged edition.
The publication was sponsored by the Rabbinical Council of America,
and contains additions to the usual ritual.
------- . The traditional prayer book for Sabbath and Festivals. New York,
Behrman, 1960. 879 p.
The regular edition of the siddur.
r yw e s
, M
o sh e
ed. Medical and biological research in Israel. New York,
Grune & Stratton, 1960. 562 p.
A comprehensive survey of the medical and biological research being
done in Israel.
Rabbinical Council manual of sermons, 5721. Abraham Avrutick, editor.
New York, Rabbinical Council of America, 1960. 372 p.
Selected sermons for holidays and Sabbaths of the year by modern
American orthodox rabbis.
Rabbi’s manual: revised edition. New York, Central Conference of American
Rabbis, 1961. 156 p.
Prayers and services for all occasions at which the rabbi officiates,
together with historical notes on Jewish ceremonies and customs.
a b i
I. I. My life and times as a physicist. Claremont, Calif., Claremont
College, 1960. 55 p.
The winner of the Nobel Prize in physics for 1944 describes some of his
important assignments in the advances made in atomic energy.
a b inow ic z
, H
a r r y
A guide to Hassidism. New York, Yoseloff, 1960. 163 p.
A popular introduction to the basic teaching and folklore of the