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, F
an n ie
Family. New York, Doubleday, 1960. 286 p.
Novel dealing with the three Sprague brothers and their families in a
suburb of St. Louis.
sra el
, C
E. Rizpah. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1961. 536 p.
Biblical novel of ancient Israel, when its tribes united under Saul to
repel the Philistines. Rizpah, beautiful Hebrew maiden, is drawn into
the deadly struggle for ascendency among Saul, the prophet Samuel and
the ambitious young shepherd, David.
an iuk
, Y
o ram
The acrophile. Trans, from Hebrew by Zeva Shapiro. New
York, Atheneum, 1961. 192 p.
The spiritual struggles of Daan, an Israeli archaeologist in New York,
who is at war with himself because of an unfortunate experience during
the Arab-Israeli war in which he killed an Arab child.
, S
. S
it was just a simple wedding. New York, Vanguard, 1961.
249 p.
Humorous account of the feverish preparations for a wedding uniting
two Jewish families.
and el
, G
The breakwater. New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston,
1960. 400 p.
Against the tumultuous carnival world of Coney Island during the
depression years, Zale Rakusin, 22 years old, searches for decency and
identity and meets it head on.
a y e r
, F
reder ick
Web of hate. New York, Whittier, 1961. 296 p.
Karl Holzhauer, former member of the Hitler youth, though disillu­
sioned by the horrors and aftermath of the war, shuts his eyes to the
stirrings of nationalism within his son. A note of warning is sounded
that efforts must be made to educate German youth to the follies of
their fathers.
e it e s
, I
ed. The marriage broker. Based on stories of Shulem the
Shadchen by Tashrak. New York, Putnam, 1960. 224 p.
A variety of characters beset by marriage problems.
e m m i
, A
l b e r t
Strangers. Trans, from French by Brian Rhys. New York,
Orion, 1960. 174 p.
Deep conflicts born of a mixed marriage between a Tunisian Jewish
doctor who marries a French Catholic girl from Alsace and takes her
home with him.
o l l
, E
l ic k
Memoir of spring. New York, Putnam, 1960. 188 p.
Chronicle of a successful Hollywood composer of movie scores who
returns to New York and tries to relive in thought and feeling his
childhood in Brooklyn.
u r ra y
A. A. Anybody’s spring. New York, Vanguard, 1960. 303 p.
Isaac Fonk, an immigrant, whose family has settled in a village of the
Orange Free State in South Africa, marries a gentile girl of good social
background and moves to Johannesburg where he attains great wealth.
The wealth, however, exacerbates the internal relations of the family.
e r e t z
I. L. The book of fire. Trans, from Yiddish by Joseph Leftwich.
New York, Yoseloff, 1960. 448 p.
Stories very ably translated with an introduction.
am a t i
, A
l exan d er
Rebel against the light. New York, Farrar, Straus &
Cudahy, 1960. 215 p.
Arthur Weiss’ difficult adjustment to life in Israel because he cannot
forget his life in Europe.
a ph a e l
, F
reder ick
The limits of love. New York, Lippincott, 1961. 401 p.
Complex and slow burgeoning of the Adler family in London after
World War II. Isolating themselves from the faith of the family, Julia,
Colin and Susan Adler search in sharply contrasting ways for a sense of
belonging in an indifferent, sometimes hostile Christian world.
M. N.
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