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M. N.
K ie v — A m e r i c a n J e w i s h F i c t i o n B o o k s
------- . Night. Trans, from French by Stella Rodway. New York, Hill and
Wang, 1960. 116 p.
A child’s response to life in the Auschwitz concentration camp. In
spite of all his tribulations, the child was never ready to purchase his
life at the cost of sacrificing his father’s.
e l l e n
, S
a m u e l
The wedding band. New
Y o rk ,
Atheneum, 1961. 192 p.
The marriage of Meyer Davidov, immigrant Polish Jew and dealer in
second hand clothes, and Eleanor Harper, a native American orphan and
Gentile. They struggle to please and understand each other but with
very little success. The events are told in flashbacksi by a spinster
daughter, Alexandra, a professor of English.
a ngw il l
, I
sra el
The king of schnorrers. New York, Yoseloff, 1960. 158
p .
A reprint of his renowned novel.