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r ip k e
— A
e w i s h
u v en il e
publishers are clearly moving in the direction of improving the
flavor and enriching the diet.
Alexander, Lloyd. The flagship Hope: Aaron Lopez. Illus. by Bernard
Krigstein. New York, Farrar, Straus and Cudahy; Philadelphia, Jewish
Publication Society
(Covenant books
) , 1960. 179
The action-packed biography of a Portuguese Marrano who became
one of the leading citizens of the Jewish communities in colonial New­
port and Leicester. The spirit of the times, the problems, and the people,
Jewish and non-Jewish, are vividly pictured, (ages 12-15)
l lstrom
, E
l iz a b e th
Songs along the way. Woodcuts by Mel Silverman.
New York, Abingdon Press, 1961. 64 p.
Selected Psalms (quoted from the Revised Standard Version), arranged
in categories, each of which is introduced in simple, meaningful terms.
Arresting woodcuts, (ages 6-10)
ed er baum
, S
o ph ia
N. The Sabbath: a day of delight. Chanuko: the festival
of lights. Purim: a joyous holiday. Passover: the festival of freedom.
Illus. by Clare and John Ross. New York, Union of American Hebrew
Congregations, 1960.
Inexpensive books on the holidays which are presented from the Reform
point of view. Illustrated in gay colors and in a child’s own style,
(ages 4-6)
o h en
, F
Portrait of Deborah. New York, Julian Messner,
1961. 191 p.
A teen-age novel about a Jewish high school senior and her problems,
which include “going with” a boy who is not Jewish, (ages 13-15)
a y a n
, Y
a e l
Envy the frightened. Cleveland and New York, World Pub­
lishing Company, 1960. 187 p.
The story of an Israeli who is reared from childhood to value strength
and fearlessness and to deprecate tenderness, sentiment, and religion,
(ages 15 and up)
Angeli, Marguerite. The Old Testament. Arranged and illus. by Mar­
guerite de Angeli. Garden City, Doubleday,
I960. 256 p.
A child’s Bible, based on the King James translation, carefully and
skillfully condensed, and arranged in historical sequence. Generously
illustrated with realistic drawings and published with meticulous atten­
tion to detail, (ages 8-11)
a r e
, W
a l t e r
Stories from the Bible. Illus. by Edward Ardizzone.
New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1961. 420 p.
A poet retells some of the Bible stories in an inimitable style in
which poetry, grandeur, and love for the subject are some of the
ingredients, (ages 10 and up)
p st e in
, M
A book of Torah readings. Illus. by Ezekiel Schloss. New
York, Ktav, 1959, 1960. I l l p.
The Sidrot in brief precis. Also a variety of related information on
the Torah Scrolls—including the blessings (in Hebrew and English) for
the Torah reading. Interesting photographs and dignified illustrations
in poster technique, (ages 10 and up)
w e n
, D
Leonard Bernstein: a biography for young people. Phila­
delphia and New York, Chilton, 1960. 174 p.
A warm and engrossing portrayal of the life of a fascinating figure
in the world of music. Bernstein’s Jewishness is neither explored nor
ignored; but the reader is aware of his integrity both as human being
and as Jew. (ages 13-15)
a c k en h e im
, E
m il
L. Paths to Jewish belief: a systematic introduction.
Illus. by Chet Kalm. New York, Behrman House, 1960. 157 p.
A provocative analysis of the Jewish view of God, Man, and Israel.
Usable for discussion groups and classes as well as in the home, (ages 13-16)