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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
Silver wing and golden harp: Jewish stories for children. Compiled by the
Federation of Women Zionists, London. Illus. by Walter Herz. New
York, A. S. Barnes, 1961. 71 p.
A collection of nine imaginative stories by six authors—on the Bible,
the holidays, and Israel. Angels, fairies, talking apples, space travel, etc.,
will attract the young reader, (ages 7-11)
im o n
, N
o rm a
Simhat Torah. Hanukah in my house. Illus. by Ayala Gor­
don. New York, United Synagogue Commission on Jewish Education, 1961.
Two more books continue an established series by the same author and
artist. Simple text points up the child’s holiday participation without
resorting to forced “fiction.” The illustrations have a pixie quality,
(ages 4-6)
, H
With mind and heart: an approach to Judaism for young
people. New York, United Synagogue Commission on Jewish Education,
1961. 312 p.
A textbook which presents Jewish concepts (from the Conservative
point of view) of God, Man, Torah, mitzvot, and prayer. The question
of proof and the limits of science are considered. Source chapters and
enrichment material are incorporated, (ages 14-16)
n yd er
, L
L .
Hitler and nazism. New York, Franklin Watts, 1961. 182
p .
A teen-age account which aims to keep a new generation aware of the
tragedy that befell Europe and how it happened, (ages 13-16)
. J
o hn
, R
o ber t
Builder of Israel: the story of Ben-Gurion. Illus. by Emil
Weiss. Garden City, Doubleday, 1961. 185 p.
Ben-Gurion: The Biography of an Extraordinary Man,
by the same
author, reduced in scope for teen-age consumption. Swift moving, re­
warding reading, (ages 11-14)
a sl itt
, I
I .
The walls of Jericho. New York, Bloch, 1961. 196 p.
A skillful and vivid retelling of much of the book of
The basic
biblical story is embellished by further intrigue and adventure which
are fictitious, but plausible, (ages 10-14)
, R
eg ina
Discovering Israel. Illus.
the author. New York, Random
House, 1960. 64 p.
An excellent book with an amazing amount of information on Israel:
its history, geography, problems, achievements, government, educational
system, holidays, population, etc. (ages 10-14)
, A
l b e r t
Giants of justice. Illus. by Ismar David. New York, Union
of American Hebrew Congregations, 1960. 260 p.
Portraits of fourteen twentieth century Jews whose lives contributed
to American democracy and social justice. Although written for adults,
this book is fine fare for the “young adult” as well, (ages 15 and up)
, C
Hanukkah in song and story. Illus. by Emanuel Schary.
Music edited by Samuel Bugatch. New York, Shulsinger Brothers, 1960.
80 p.
The background and story of Hanukkah told simply, dramatically, and
in full detail. Contains the blessings and songs (in Hebrew, translitera­
tion, and translation) and additional information on the holiday,
(ages 6-10)
il l iam so n
, J
oann e
Hittite warrior. New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1960.
214 p.
A fast-paced historical novel set against the background of the story
of Deborah and Barak, (ages 12-15)
o rm
, P
ie t
Stories from the Old Testament: from Adam to Joseph. Illus.
by the author. Printed in Holland. New York, Sheed and Ward, 1961.
A very simple retelling of the stories by a Catholic author-artist. The
text is faithful to the original. The illustrations alternate with rich,
illuminated pages beautifully balanced by soft, light drawings, (ages 4-6)
y m e r
, N
o rm an
Yehudi Menuhin. New York, Roy, 1961. 107 p.
The warm biography of a genius, his gifted family, and his fabulous
career, (ages 13-16)