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Ykuf-Almanac 1961. Edited by Nachman Meisel. New York, Yiddisher
Kultur Farband, 1961. 576 p.
Surveys of Yiddish literary activity in various countries during the last
quarter of the century and other materials.
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Almanac—Paris 1960. Editors: L. Domankevich, L. Leneman, Dr. L. Kurland,
A. Shulman. Paris, Association of Yiddish Writers and Journalists in
France, 1960. 257 p.
Poetry, short stories, essays and reproductions of paintings.
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/TT 276 .1960
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, J
Sum and substance. Buenos Aires, Kium, 1960. 2 v.
Selection of essays on literary subjects by a leading poet and essayist
who contributes regularly to Yiddish newspapers and magazines.
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/TT 747 .1960
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Biographical dictionary of modern Yiddish literature: vol. 3. New York,
World Congress for Jewish Culture, 1960. 748 p.
Edited by Ephraim Auerbach, M. Starkman and I. Charlash.
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