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HE last twelve months saw the publication of a spate of
Jewish books in England which diverge from the usual
trend of learned Judaica, though there appeared a considerable
number of these too. The main feature of the year was the
emergence of a number of novels set in Jewish suburbia in
England, the Golders Green novel. Whilst this new literary
genre had a mixed reception by both critics and readers, it is
important to note that a generation of young Jewish writers has
grown up in England whose writing reflects their background.
Although they are often critical of Anglo-Jewry and its estab­
lished communal life, and although the quality of their writing
has not reached outstanding heights, their emergence is a healthy
The most outstanding books of the year were Sir Leon Simon’s
definitive biography of
Ahad Ha-am,
Leonard Stein’s study of
Balfour Declaration,
Leon Roth’s
Judaism: A Portrait,
won the World Jewish Congress British Section’s Jewish Book
Award for 1960. The publication of Rabbi Agus’
Evolution of
Jewish Thought
met a long existing need for a concise history of
Jewish philosophy.
The paperbacks of the
Popular Jewish Library
appeared in
a new and attractive form; further volumes were added to the
Guides to the Jewish Festivals
and the
Famous Jews
Jewish Book Week this year was again a focal point in Anglo-
Jewry’s cultural life. The inaugural lecture was given by Maurice
Edelman M.P. on “Jewish Mystical Books in Translation.” Sub­
sequent lectures were given by Dr. Nathan Morris, Dr. Chaim
Pearl and Prof. Leon Roth. The centenary of Simon Dubnow’s
birth was celebrated during Jewish Book Week when Dr. Aaron
Steinberg lectured on “Simon Dubnow, the Master and his
Work.” Finally a symposium of young writers was held on the
“Golders Green Novel.”
The Eichmann trial in Israel aroused great interest which is
reflected in a number of books published during the year, all
dealing with the crimes of Eichmann and his associates. Only
those are included in the list below which were published in
English in the United Kingdom.