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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
mawian nso .ma'rnn rw? nnx . yann* a ^ n ,* pom op
man mannm Tiann nnwa ,a*w iT .*?aa -na?n? (»T:mmpaip)
.y'wn .n “pa .npnaxa a*>aan? tnnan
bysam nt:sa nanan .(Drrp) r a : nrnixn nx ?*>aa ^a*>awn r » n
.iaa n*> ?y laiarya xrp
------- . Thesaurus of the language of the Talmud: a concordance of the
Babylonian Talmud: vol. 18. Jerusalem, Ministry of Education and
Culture; New York, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 5720.
.manxi nnay ,*nnn p?a .amxn t:swa . y wi n •> , n a ] ^ t 3 ^
/ay 192 .i960 ,*?xynr> ,a*>ax bn .ntminai napina mnna
axi tiwbn npnaa ax awnm naai naa loaain ntznnn nnnnaa
amaia n*> ?y (myi npuaia ,iTBnaix*a) n«?xn a’a’aya
t e in b erg
, J
Mishpat Ha-Urim: a dictionary of the Bible, Hebrew
and Aramaic: revised edition. Tel Aviv, Yizreel, 1960. 192 p.
This classic in biblical lexicography has been revised and augmented
with a good deal of new material.
.a_x a^ana .maiwn iTmsipn? nnayn fitr?n nnx .apy*> , ^ayaa
; 386 .I96ri960 ,moa ,a*?ttiT
.x ton D^yv a^amy .rx nrmxn nx a^pa a^anan
.pi? nm ’poaibw
na an i
, J
Thesaurus of the Hebrew language in its development
during its various periods: vols. 1-2. Jerusalem, Massadah, 1960-1961.
386, 300 p.
These two volumes comprise the first four letters of the aleph-bet.
,D^tnT .p>bx*a .a .n n w ? n^ampaip . ? ao ♦ n .x , i
v i v m)
a x
/ay 336 .i960 nso nnp
v en
A. and
J . A concordance of the poetry of H. N. Bialik.
Jerusalem, Kiryat Sepher, 1960. 336 p.
t r o n ter»
,naa*ax.w: a*>amyn.nawa^yawi?nx?aa . n y a pnx •> ? ? a r nso
,m?xnt?\n nmao*nn nnann ,a*w iT .|ns?*»n .■»,man .a /pnxa .w
/ay 484 .x"awn
.m?aaxa na anpnan TXpn .msipnn baa bxnw* nnbwa anpna
Jubilee Book [honoring] Isaac Beer: on the occasion of his becoming seventy
years of age. Editors: S. Baron, B. Dinur, S. Ettinger and J . Heilpern.
Jerusalem, Israel Historical Society, 5721. 484 p.
Studies in Jewish history of all periods. A synopsis of the articles in
English is included.
/ps .? />nxsin ,a*>ax ?n .naw warn a^yaw *
? nx?aa , ? a a i n r nso
.maian aia?x noia /jvs *?yis nyian ymn ipoy? manyn p ip
The Zerubabel book [honoring] Jacob Zerubabel on the occasion of his
reaching seventy-five years of age. Tel Aviv, I. L. Peretz, 1961. 400 p.
A collection of evaluations of the famous Poalei Zion leader.
xnpan npn? nnann ,a*btmT .naw a^yaw ib nxbaa , *a*o -n i a nso
.m?aaxa anpnan Txpn /ay 346
nso nnpi
.nnayn rw a i xnpaa anpna yaipa