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on new developments in Jewish literature and a number of
children’s programs were other attractions. Displays were also
set up by the Los Angeles Jewish Community Library.
An analysis of the life and work of Henrietta Szold, the Zionist
leader whose 100th birthday is being marked this year, was a
feature of the ninth annual Jewish Book Fair in Detroit, under
the sponsorship of the Jewish Community Center. Five special
programs, each featuring a noted author, offered the large
audiences some valuable insights into aspects of current Jewish
The Bible as a source of artistic expression was amply manifest
in a display of Bibles featured in the Jewish Book Fair of the
Omaha Jewish Community Center. Jewish book fairs were also
conducted by the Neighborhood Center of Philadelphia, and by
Centers in Newark, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Tucson,
Akron, and in many other communities.
The mounting interest of the Jewish communities of America
in programs illuminating the Jewish cultural heritage was very
much in evidence at lectures on a variety of subjects. In Phila­
delphia a talk by Maurice Samuel, noted author and critic, on
“The Jew in American Literature” was a highlight of the city-
wide Book Month affair. It was sponsored by the Jewish Library
Association, the YM & YWHA and the
Jewish Exponent.
In New York City, Dr. Solomon Grayzel, editor of the Jewish
Publication Society of America, made an evaluation of current
Jewish literature at a meeting of the Metropolitan Association of
Jewish Center Workers. Sponsor of the affair was the Metro­
politan Jewish Book Council—an affiliate of the JWB Metro­
politan Section and the Jewish Education Committee of New
In a unique example of city-wide cooperation and activity for
Jewish Book Month, the Jewish community of Greater Miami
paid tribute to the Jewish book and Jewish authors in two
literary programs featuring lectures and book reviews.
The subjects of old and of current Jewish books came to life in
many communities sponsoring dramatic readings and discussions
based on famous Jewish books. Readings from the works of the
great Israeli author Shmuel Yosef Agnon highlighted the Book
Month event in Cleveland. This was arranged by the local
Jewish Book Council, which is co-sponsored by the Jewish Com­
munity Center and the Bureau of Jewish Education. A similar
program of dramatic readings was conducted in Washington,
D. C., by the local JWB Armed Services Committee and the
JWB council of junior hostesses and servicemen. A symposium
on “The Image of the Jew in World Literature” was another
item in the Washington program.
An interfaith book project, which added hundreds of Jewish
books to the shelves of Veterans Hospital libraries, was in­
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