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augurated by the Women’s Organizations’ Division of the Na­
tional Jewish Welfare Board, according to Mrs. Leonard H.
Bernheim, chairman of the Division. In many instances the
books became the nucleus for a JWB shelf of Jewish books. In
some cases they served to augment the already existing stocks of
Jewish books. Throughout the year many of the Division’s
Serve-A committees donate packets of Jewish books to libraries
of military posts overseas, via the Jewish chaplain at these
A 35 page illustrated brochure titled
Jewish Book Fairs: A
Planning Guide
, designed to help Jewish Community Centers and
other Jewish communal organizations in setting up Jewish book
fairs, was issued by the Council. Written by Abraham Kastenbaum,
the guide evaluates the experiences of the Center-sponsored Jewish
book fairs in Detroit which have attracted nation-wide attention,
and offers ideas for displays, decorations, formation of com­
mittees and community wide organizational activities. Sug­
gestions are also made for poster and other contests.
In response to many requests, Dr. Steinbach, the Jewish Book
Council’s president, prepared a brief history and description
of the program of the Council.
The above-mentioned publications are among the variety of
program aids issued by the Council to service organizations in
arranging programs for Jewish Book Month and to stimulate
the reading of Jewish books throughout the year. The following
materials, which enjoyed a wide distribution during the past
year, were made available:
Jewish Book Programs
Jewish Book Council Flyer
Jewish Book Month in Public Libraries,
by Gertrude Finkel
Bookmarks for Jewish Book Month
Jewish Book Shop,
by Isidore Cooperman
Jewish Book Festival,
English and Yiddish editions
Reading Circles for Women
The Jewish Library in School, Center and Synagogue,
by Jacob
S. Golub.
Jewish Books in Jewish Schools,
by Philip Goodman
A Book Review Symposium,
by Mortimer J . Cohen
How to Publicize Your Jewish Book Month Programs
Poster for Jewish Book Month, designed by Ezekiel Schloss
Children’s Poster