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r a m a t ic
a t e r ia l
T h e Magic Book Shop,
by Sally Miller Brash
If Books Could Talk,
by Sally Miller Brash
And It Was Written, and It Shall Be Read,
by Martha
The Little Book,
by Than R. Wyenn
ib l io g r a ph ie s
A Booklist for the Jewish Adult,
by Solomon Grayzel
The Jewish Child in Bookland,
by Fanny Goldstein
Selected Books on Israel,
by Sylvia Landress
Books on Israel for Children
Selected Yiddish Books for a Library
(in Yiddish)
The Jewish Press: A Selected Listing
Paperbound Books of Jewish Interest,
by Diana Bernstein
General Reference Books for Jewish Research,
by Sheva G.
Jewish Book Annual
As with the previous volumes, the publication of volume 19
of the
Jewish Book Annual
was made possible through the
generosity of the Council’s sponsors, the National Jewish Welfare
Board, the cooperation of the national Jewish organizations
affiliated with the Council, the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation,
and many individuals who recognized the value of this chronicle
of Jewish literary achievement. Among them mention is made
of Hayyim Bass, Dr. Mortimer J . Cohen, Solomon Kerstein,
Rabbi Ely E. Pilchik, Harry Starr and Dr. A. Alan Steinbach.
In Jewish Bookland
In Jewish Bookland,
under the editorship of Dr. Solomon
Grayzel, now in its seventeenth year, has been published as the
literary supplement to
The JWB Circle.
Due to the need for
economies by the National Jewish Welfare Board, the number
of issues of
The JWB Circle
was reduced. This affected
In Jewish
and as a result there has been a delay in the publica­
tion of reviews.
The following serve on the Editorial Board of
In Jewish
Dr. Grayzel, Editor; Philip Goodman, Associate
Editor; Lionel Koppman, Managing Editor; Dr. Mortimer J .
Cohen, Consultant; Dr. Jacob Kabakoff, Hebrew Books; Dr. Sol
Liptzin, Yiddish Books; Charles Angoff, Dr. Bernard J . Bam­
berger and Dr. Morris Epstein. In addition to the names above,
approximately forty authorities in various fields regularly con­
tribute book reviews.
— J
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