Page 217 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 19

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In acknowledging receipt of the citation, Mrs. Rossman stated:
“In behalf of the Officers and Board of National Women’s
League, I want to thank you most sincerely for the Jewish Book
Council of America’s meaningful award to us. This recognition
of the ever-continuing efforts of our Bookshop, Library and
Publications Department to promote Jewish books will further
intensify the interest of our Sisterhood book chairmen through­
out the country. We also hope it will encourage other organiza­
tions to expand their publication activities.
“I know with what pleasure and pride the award was accepted
by our very dedicated and hard-working National Chairman,
Mrs. Charles Schwartz . . . ”
— J
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Isaac Siegel Memorial Juvenile Award
The Isaac Siegel Memorial Juvenile Award consisting of $250
and a citation was awarded to Regina Tor, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.,
for her
Discovering Israel
(New York, Random House). The
judges were: Dr. Morris Epstein, New York; Miss Fanny Gold­
stein, Boston; and Dr. Gilbert Klaperman, New York.
Harry and Ethel Daroff Memorial Fiction Award
The Harry and Ethel Daroff Memorial Fiction Award, also
consisting of $250 and a citation, was given to Edward L.
Wallant, Norwalk, Conn., for his
The Human Season
York, Harcourt, Brace and Co.). The judges were: Charles
Angoff, New York; David Boroff, New York; and Leo W.
Schwarz, New York.
Harry and Florence Kovner Memorial Poetry Awards
The Harry and Florence Kovner Memorial Poetry Awards,
each valued at $100 plus a citation, were presented to authors
of published volumes of Jewish poetry in Hebrew and Yiddish:
Dr. Ephraim E. Lisitzky, New Orleans, for his volume of Hebrew
K ’mo Hayom Rad
(“As the Day Wanes,” Tel Aviv,
Machberot Lesifrut); and Joseph Rubinstein for his Yiddish
Megilath Russland
(“Scroll of Woe of a Polish Jew in
Russia,” New York, Cyco). Judges for the Hebrew award were:
Dr. Milton Arfa, New York; Dr. Hillel Bavli, New York; Dr.
Jacob Kabakoff, Cleveland; and Dr. Eisig Silberschlag, Boston.
The Yiddish recipient was selected by Hayyim Bass, Dr. Sol
Liptzin, Yudel Mark, and Moshe Starkman, all of New York.