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Miscellaneous Services
With the growing recognition of the Jewish Book Council of
America as a source of authoritative information on many aspects
of Jewish books, the Council is operating what is in effect an
information service. Calls for information are received in in­
creasing volume from authors, publishers, public libraries, the
general press, and from non-sectarian organizations. In addition,
guidance is given to individuals and to all types of Jewish or­
ganizations in the selection of books, in the development of
libraries, compilation of specialized booklists, and in a wide
variety of other categories of services.
Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the Council was held on May 16, 1961
at the Willkie Memorial Building, New York City. Dr. Gilbert
Klaperman, chairman of the annual meeting committee, in­
troduced the president of the Council, Dr. A. Alan Steinbach,
who presided.
The annual literary awards were presented by Joseph Daroff,
Bernard Kovner and Mrs. Annie N. Siegel. Dr. I. Edward Kiev
presented the library citations.
Dr. Harry M. Orlinsky, noted Biblical scholar and member of
the faculty of the Hebrew Union Col lege-Jewish Institute of
Religion, was the main speaker. His subject was “The Story
Behind the New Jewish Publication Society Bible Translation.”
Tribute to Samuel D. Gershovitz
At a meeting of the Executive Board of the Jewish Book
Council of America, held on November 15, 1960, the following
resolution to the memory of Samuel D. Gershovitz, late executive
vice-president of the National Jewish Welfare Board, was
WHEREAS: The Jewish Book Council of America, sponsored
by the National Jewish Welfare Board, has been bereft of the
guidance and leadership of our colleague and friend, Samuel D.
Gershovitz, whose untimely passing has brought sorrow to our
WHEREAS: His genuine and abiding interest in the advance­
ment of Jewish culture and in the propagation of Jewish litera­
ture has been a beacon on the American scene;
WHEREAS: His dedication to the service of the American
Jewish community and to the enhancement of its constructive