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life of the two most representative sections of Jew ry—the Ash­
kenazi and the Sephardi. For historical background on these two
sections of Jewry, H. J. Zimmel’s recent scholarly study, Ashke-
nazim and Sephardim (London, Oxford University, 1958) is
most revealing. Of particular value for the study of the Sephardim
are the two excellent periodicals Sefarad (Instituto Arias Mon­
tano de Estudios Hebraicos y Oriente Proximo, Madrid) and
Ozar Yehude Sefarad, edited by the erudite scholar Isaac R. Molho
(Jerusalem, 1958-1961).
The Ingathering of the Tribes of Israel
Rich in new ideas and insights bearing on the burning prob­
lems of the specific cu ltural heritage of the newly gathered
“tribes” of Israel is the fascinating volume Shivte Israel be-Bet
ha-Nasi (“Israel’s Tribes at the President’s House,” Tel-Aviv,
Dvir, 1959). This work presents the colorful panorama of Israel’s
various communities and their problems as discussed at the
periodic conferences held at the home of Itzhak Ben-Zvi, president
of the State of Israel. W ha t might be considered a companion
volume is Ben-Zvi’s authoritative Nidhe Israel (Tel-Aviv, Twer-
sky, 1953). An English translation by Isaac A. Abbady, The
Exiled and the Redeemed (Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1957), is also available. It contains fascinating chapters
on Jewish communities in Moslem countries, on Jewish trad i­
tions among Moslem tribes, on Jewish sectaries, and travel reports
on Jews in Oriental countries.
Particularly rich is the literature dealing w ith Jewish holy
days and festivals in the far-flung Jewish communities of the
world. One of the foremost authorities in this field is Yom-Tov
Lewinski, whose voluminous Sepher ha-Moadim (“Book of
Festivals,” Tel-Aviv, Dvir, 1952-1957) is the most comprehensive
compendium filling a great need in Hebrew scholarship. These
nine volumes include accounts of Jewish festival observances
throughout the world. Other accounts of traditions in various
countries are presented in the holiday series of the Jewish Pub li­
cation Society of America which includes the following volumes:
Sabbath: The Day of Delight, by Abraham E. Millgram (1944),
Hanukah: The Feast of Lights, by Emily Solis-Cohen (1937),
The Purim Anthology (1949) and The Passover Anthology (1961),
by Philip Goodman.
Of Yemenite, Iraq iPers ian and Other Jews
There are any number of monographs on the ethnology and
folklore of single Jewish communities. The Jews of Yemen are
amply treated in Erich Brauer’s splendid Ethnologie der jemeni-