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J a c o b o w s k y — J e w i s h L i t e r a t u r e in Sw ed en
5 7
authored many books in literary Swedish, all on Jewish subjects.
They include portraits of great personalities in Jewish history
(3 vols.), popular books on Judaism, on Talmud, and on Hebrew
writers. He also wrote two books of travel suffused with historic
feeling—one on the Middle East and the other on Spain. Both
have been translated into many languages.
Professor Wilhelm is also a man of profound learning. He has
published numerous fine studies in Jewish book lore and has
made contributions to the history of Judaism in Scandinavia.
The erudite Rabbi of Gothenburg (Goeteborg), Moritz Wolff
(1824-1904), was an orientalist and an authority on Jewish
philosophy (Philo, Maimonides).
The Field of History
The lawyer Stig Bendixon, a learned gentleman, wrote
(1948, in two volumes). Based on new research and
presenting new aspects, it deals with Jewish history from earliest
times to Herod. Professor Hugo Valentin’s history of anti-
Semitism (1935) has been translated into English and other lan­
guages. His
T h e Fate of the Jewish People
(1944) has also been
widely translated. Born in 1888, he is the pioneer researcher
into the history of the Jews in Sweden; and his chief work is
Judarnas Historia i Sverige
(1924). Aside from his significant
contributions to general and Swedish history, he has published
three books on Palestine and Zionism and also innumerable
Valuable data on the Jewish history of Stockholm, Sweden’s
largest community, are to be found in Valentin’s
Ynglingafoereningen 1819-1919,
in Bernhard Tarschys’
Kaddischa 1789-1939
(1944), and in the community bulletin
(four or five numbers annually since 1940).
The two oldest cemeteries in Stockholm are described and the
inscriptions on tombstones are translated in
Gamla judiska
gravplatser i Stockholm
(Old Jewish Burial Grounds in Stock­
holm, 1927) by Ragnar Josephson and M. Fried.
There are also chronicles of a number of communities:
Goeteborgs Mosaiska Foersamling 1180-1955
C. Vilh. Jacobowsky, Gothenburg, 1955.
Svensk-judiska pionjaerer och stamfaeder
by M.
Ivarsson and Abr. Brody, 1956. (About families, descendants of
Norrkoeping; the epitaphs deciphered by Dr. Brody.)
Mosaiska Foersamlingen i Malmo 75 ar. 1871-1946
Walter Siegel and H. Rubinstein, Malmo 1946.
Marstrand (1782-1795).
Marstrands historia
by Eskil Olan, 5th
edition, 1923.