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Judarne i Oestersund
by C. Vilh. Jacobowsky, with
English summary, offprint 1959.
The books about Palestine, published in Sweden for more than
two centuries, are rather innumerable, and particularly in the
last fifty years. Some of the recently published books on Israel
are illustrated by the well-known photographer Anna Riwkin-
Brick, wife of the ardent Zionist, Daniel Brick.
Memoirs and Biographies
Aaron Isaac (1730-1817), founder of the Stockholm community,
wrote his memoirs in German-Yiddish. They were edited as
Aaron Isaac’s Minnen,
first in transcription in 1897, but more
correctly in 1932 with Swedish translation and commentaries by
Abr. Brody, Hugo Valentin and Ellen Raphael.3
Many other Jews have left their memoirs:
Olof Aschberg (financier, 1877-1960) in three volumes, 1946-
Marcus Ehrenpreis (see above),
My Life between East and
Louise Magnus (1842-1921), on her childhood, 1912.
Axel Hirsch (philanthropist, born 1879) in two volumes,
1943, 1953.
John Josephson (merchant, art collector, 1866-1940), 1927.
Conrad Pineus (a witty lawyer and art collector, 1872-1945),
Joseph Sachs (merchant, 1872-1949) in two volumes, 1949.
Karl Otto Bonnier (1856-1941) wrote the history of the Bonnier
publishing houses:
Bonniers. En bokhandlare familj
(A Family
of Booksellers) in five volumes, 1926-1931, the last posthumously
in 1956. The history begins with his grandfather’s publishing
house, founded 1804 in Copenhagen, and ends with Albert
Bonniers Foerlag, founded in 1837 by his father and for approxi­
mately seventy years the most prominent publishing house in
Among the biographies of conspicuous Swedish-Jewish per­
sonalities, I shall mention
Oscar Levertin
by Werner Soedehjelm
(2 volumes, 1914-1917),4 and books about the painter and poet
Ernst Josephson (1851-1906) by Karl Wahlin (1911-12), by Erik
Blomberg (1951-1956), by P. O. Zennstroem, and others. There
is a biography of another famous painter, Isaac Gruenewald
(1889-1946), by J . P. Hodin, 1949.
3A German translation came in 1930:
Denkwuerdigkeiten des Aron Isak,
Other books about him (see below) are published by H. Ahlenius, Fr.
Book, C. Fehrman, his sister Anna Levertin, O. Mendelsohn (in Norwegian),
D. Sprengel and others.