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The material in this section is intended to serve as a practical
guide to teachers and leaders of special interest groups, clubs and
societies who are charged with the responsibility of planning
suitable activities clustering around Jewish books. Among the
precautionary measures to be taken to avoid pitfalls which have
frustrated past efforts, and principles of guidance to be observed,
growing out of previous experiences, are the following:
Some Principles oj Guidance
1. Provision should be made for
While attention
will naturally be focused upon the celebration of Jewish Book
Month and the culminating week, activity should not be limited
to these periods. Instead, the latter should serve primarily as
vehicles to motivate sustained interest in Jewish books
the year.
2. In order that the scope of the celebration be not circum-
scribed, the needs of larger and smaller groups of differing ages
and interests are ■to be taken into consideration in projecting a
well-balanced series of Jewish book activities.
3. To insure long-range planning and to avoid the diminution
of interest resulting from deadening uniformity, the variety of
available approaches and projects should not be exhausted in any
one year. Instead, several specific undertakings, calculated to
satisfy the local needs, will be selected for emphasis in successive
years. By concentrating on a few at a time, higher standards of
quality and execution will be secured and an element of novelty
and timeliness will be introduced, which will render the programs
more effective and challenging.
4. By encouraging the
degree of
by in-
dividuals and groups maximum benefits will be obtained. As far
as possible the projects should not be imposed from above but
rather be self-initiated, emerging in response to members’ articu-
lated desires, and affording the participants ample opportunity
to share directly in their planning and promotion. The latter
will then be privileged to experience the exhilarating satisfaction
of personal achievement, from which may flow enduring attach-
ments to Jewish life and letters.