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in America in relation to their historical background and to
Judaism while the cultural, social and organizational aspects of
the life of Jews in Europe and America are analyzed in
Life in Our Times
by Judah Pilch (Behrman’s). The republication
The Nineteen Letters of Ben Uziel
by Samson Raphael Hirsch,
translated into English by the Rev. Dr. Bernard Drachman
(Bloch), is bound to strengthen the spiritual values inherent in
traditional Judaism. First published in 1899, it still has a fasci-
nating appeal to many in Israel’s household.
The liturgy of the synagogue, as usual, furnished the book
market with many editions of the various prayers and devotional
texts for which there is an ever-growing demand. To make that
liturgy better understood and to increase an appreciation for the
role it plays in Jewish life several works by competent writers were
issued. The Rev. Dr. Solomon B. Freehof’s
Small Sanctuary
(Union of American Hebrew Congregations) and
The Ideals of the
Jewish Prayer Book
by the Rev. Dr. Simon Greenberg (Scopus)
are publications which endeavor to present Judaism as reflected
in worship, prayer and devotion. To achieve similar ends with
young people the Rev. Dr. Lee J. and Mrs. E. C. Levinger in their
Folk and Faith
(Bloch) offer a helpful guide. I t is designed as a
confirmation manual for one year’s study. Helpful too is
Treasure Hunt in Judaism
by Harold P. Smith (Hebrew Pub. Co.)
I t deals with customs, ceremonies and observances in Jewish
religious life.
The sermon forming an essential part of synagogue worship, it
is not uncommon to offer in printed form homiletical literature of
durable value. In addition to the annual publication of
A Set of
Holiday Sermons
5703-1942, issued by the Commission on Public
Information About Jews and Judaism, there appeared
and Character
a collection of sermons, addressess and essays by the
Rev. Dr. Leo Jung and
A New JVorld is Born
, sermons and addres-
ses by the Rev. Dr. Israel H. Levinthal (Funk and Wagnalls).
On the Jews in America and the role they play in the life of the
nation and their relationship to Jewish life and experience every-
where one meets with a fairly good-sized output of literary ma-
terial. A good introduction to the understanding of the subject
is offered in a symposium edited by Prof. Oscar I. Janowsky in
which several writers endeavor to present a composite portrait of
The American Jew
(Harper). Dr. Lee M. Friedman, in his de-
lightful work
Jewish Pioneers and Patriots
, with a preface by Dr.
A. S. W. Rosenbach (Jewish Pub. Soc.), presents a very readable
account of the part played by Jews in the life and history ot the
United States from Colonial times to the present.
Jewish Mer-
chants in Colonial Rhode Island
forms the subject of an interesting
monograph by Samuel Broches (Bloch). Sophia M. Robison
edited a volume o
{Jewish Population Studies
in which ten Ameri-
can cities are surveyed, while the Jews in some rural communities
are dealt with in
Our Jewish Farmers and the Story of the Jewish
Agricultural Society
by Gabriel Davidson (Fischer). A new
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