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life-story of Louis Borgenicht a New York clothing manufacturer
is told by Harold Friedman in a work called
The Happiest Man
Bret Harte of the Old JVest
is the subject of a biography
by A. F. Harlow (Messner). Anna and Maxa Nordau, the widow
and daughter of
Max Nordau
offer a warm appraisal of the life of
their eminent husband and father. The life and achievement of
an outstanding American bacteriologist are described by R. P.
Parsons in
Trail to Lights
a biography of Joseph Goldberger (Bobbs-
Merrill). The life and work of
Menahem Ussishkin
form the
subject of a publication by Joseph Klausner (Scopus Pub. Co.). An
appraisal of the life and service rendered by the late Justice Louis
D. Brandeis is contained in the proceedings of the Bar of the
Supreme Court of the United States and Meeting of the Court on
December 21, 1942. I t has been issued in a dignified format.
The sensational autobiography of George Jessel is entitled
Help Me
(Random House) while Andre Maurois calls his memoirs
I remember
I remember
The Wealth of Youth
the title of the memoirs of the English poet Siegfried S. Sassoon
(Viking). The personal recollections of Stefan Zweig, the eminent
German novelist and biographer, are issued under the title
World of Yesterday
The literature dealing with the problems confronting contem-
porary Jewish life is enormous in output. I t is quite natural that
Palestine and the various efforts connected with the movement
to reclaim it for the Jewish people occupy a leading position in
that output. Classical writings of Zionism such as
Rome and
by Moses Hess (Bloch),
The Jewish State
(Scopus Pub.
Co.), an attempt at a modern solution of the Jewish question by
Theodor Herzl, and essays on
by Louis D. Brandeis with
a foreword by Mr. Justice Felix Frankfurter (Zionist Organization
of America) have been republished. They are extremely helpful
towards a proper understanding of the causes and motives under-
lying the endeavors of Zionism. A useful publication is the anthol-
ogy of selections from the writings of the fathers of religious
Zionism, entitled
Exponents and Philosophy of Religious Zionism
edited by Abraham Bick (Hashomer Hadati). A remarkable
plea for a free Jewish state in Palestine is contained in Leon I.
Why a Jewish State
with an introduction by Abba Hillel
Silver (Richard H. Smith). A documentary study of the adminis-
tration of government in Palestine from the first World War to
the present is offered by Paul Lamont Hanna in his
British Policy
in Palestine
(American Council on Public Affairs). A symposium
Palestine and Jewish Freedom
was published by the Poale
Zion-Zeire Zion of America. The Hehalutz Organization of
America is responsible for the publication of Samuel Kurland’s
, the story of the young Jewish students from Russia who
were among the pioneers in the colonization of Palestine.
The Committee for a Jewish Army of Palestinian and Stateless
Jews issued a publication entitled
The Fighting Jews
, containing
tributes to Jewish valor in battle as well as a special plea for the
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