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establishment of a Jewish army. An analysis of the Jewish problem
in its relation to the war and to the post-war world is contained
in the posthumously published volume
The War and the Jew
Vladimir Jabotinsky (Dial Press). Aspects of the Jewish problem
are treated in various publications issued by the Research Institute
on Peace and Post-War Problems of the American Jewish Com-
mittee and the Institute of Jewish Affairs of the American Jewish
Congress and World Jewish Congress.
Never Again
/ Ten years
of Hitler, a symposium edited by the Rev. Dr. Stephen S. Wise
(Jewish Opinion Pub. Corporation) and Solomon A. Fineberg’s
Overcoming Antisemitism
(Harper) deal with phases of the impact
of anti-Semitism upon Jewish life.
The Reaction of Negro Publica-
tions and Organizations to German anti-Semitism
is the subject of
a fine study by Lunabelle Wedlock which was issued by Howard
A work tending to counteract the effects or anti-Semitism is the
sumptuous compilation by Joseph L. Baron of selections from
more than seven hundred of the world’s foremost non-Jewish
statesmen, religious leaders, philosophers and artists and issued
by the Jewish Publication Society under the title
Stars and Sand.
I t is a work of reference which will, in many ways, serve a useful
Jewish Quarterly Review
is the oldest of periodicals exclu-
sively devoted to the pursuit of Jewish learning. Published by the
Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, it endeavors to
keep alive the flame of modern Jewish learning, now that it has
been extinguished on the European continent. In commemoration
of the 1000th anniversary of the death of Saadia Gaon it issued an
impressive collection of Studies in the life and work of the greatest
of the Gaonim. To serve a similar purpose and to make Saadia’s
life and work better known among the young, Rabbi Abraham
Burstein’s novel
West of the Nile
was issued by the Hebrew Pub-
lishing Co. The seventeenth volume of the
Hebrew Union College
which appeared during the year is rich in content and
compares favorably with the best of those that preceded it. This
is equally true of the 52nd
Year Book of the Central Conference of
American Rabbis
and of the twelfth volume of the
Proceedings of
the American Academy fo r Jewish Research. The Jewish Book Week
, in English, Hebrew and Yiddish inaugurates a new pub-
lication devoted exclusively to book-lore and bibliography. The
forty-third volume of the
American Jewish Year Book
is, as usual,
full of useful information, while
The Jewish Family Almanac
, of
which the first volume appeared during the year, endeavors to
reach a clientele of “very popular” readers. The fifth volume of
Medical Leaves
, which appeared during the year, consists of
twenty-two contributions on Jewish achievement and experiences
in the practice of medicine. The latest
ICOR Almanac
is devoted
to the commemoration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the
U.S.S.R. and especially to the fifteenth anniversary of the founding
of Biro-Bidjan.
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