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This bibliography is brief and subjective. Brief bibliographies
are necessarily subjective. There are literally many hundreds
of books, essays, and articles which might have been included.
Purely for the reasons of expediency and convenience this bibli-
ography has been limited to books alone, and no attempt has been
made to point to the many excellent articles tucked away in the
periodical literature. The term “history” in the title has been
interpreted rather broadly and thus one may find many books
included which deal with social, economic, cultural, and religious
themes. No attempt has been made to include a single volume
of the large literature touching on the Jew prior to 1850. Students
who seek light in this field can, of course, always refer back to
A. S. W. Rosenbach,
An American Jewish Bibliography
. . . .
until 1850.
The complier has not ventured to list most of the
better known congregational histories. Their number is legion,
and their quality sometimes questionable. Only a few auto-
biographical and biographical works have been listed. This
literature is growing daily and there are already dozens of auto-
biographies — many of them privately printed — and hundreds
of biographies concerning American Jews.
No attempt has been made to evaluate each work critically.
That would have been an ungrateful task. Unfortunately, too
many of the works dealing with our subject are altogether inade-
quate. Very few measure up to the canons of historic objectivity
and the scientific method. Nevertheless, it was believed advisable
to list some books on the thesis — always denied by the “critics”—
that a poor book is frequently better than no book! There is this
consolation: better books are being written every day. Some day —
it will come sooner than we think — we shall really be in a position
to offer a bibliography of sound, scientific works on the life and
the history of the American Jew. Speed the day!
d l e r
, C
y r u s
I Have Considered the Days. Philadelphia, 1941. The auto-
biography of an outstanding Jewish communal leader. An excellent comple-
ment to this work is A. A.
e u m a n
Cyrus Adler.
A Bibliographical Sketch.
New York, 1942.
d l e r
, C
y r u s
Jacob H. Schiff: His Life and Letters. 2 volumes. New York, 1928.
A detailed study of the career of an eminent American banker and Jewish
leader. Valuable for a study of American Jewish life of the early 20th century.
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