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d l e r
, C
y r u s
ed., The Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Semi-Centennial
Volume. New York, 1939. This volume, a series of essays by various writers,
not only describes the Seminary, but sheds much light on the growth and
development of the Conservative Movement in American Jewish religious
American Jewish Historical Society,
1893 to date. ־ The studies
incorporated in these volumes deal with the Jews not only in the United
States, but also in other American lands. The approach is critical and scien-
tific. There is a detailed index to the first twenty volumes. This is the chief
American publication concerning itself with studies in American-Jewish life.
American Jewish Year Book, The, Philadelphia, 1899 to date.
These yearbooks
are particularly useful for European and American Jewish history since 1899.
They contain special articles, statistics, and detailed directory of American
Jewish institutions.
n a l y t i c u s
(pseud, of
am e s
W . W
i s e
) ,
Jews Are Like That! New York, 1928.
rather sharp and critical analysis and an attempt to “debunk” a number
of well-known and prominent Jews such as Brandeis, the elder Morgenthau.
Stephen S. Wise, etc.
A n t i n , M
a r y
The Promised Land. Boston, 1912.
In the early chapters of this
autobiography there is a good picture of life in the Russian Pale over thirty
years ago. In the later chapters there is a vivid description of the successful
attempt of this Russian Jewish immigrant girl to assimilate that which is
finest in American culture.
e n j a m i n
, I
s r a e l
o s e p h
Drei Jahre in Amerika, 1859-62. Hanover, 1862.
Of value not only as a source for Jewish history, but for general history of the
United States. Detailed notes of an intelligent traveler. Most of the material
deals with the Pacific coast.
e n t w i c h
, N
o r m a n
Solomon Schechter. A Biography. Philadelphia,
1 9 3 8 .
The story of the man who revived the Conservative Movement in American
e r k s o n
, I
sa a c
B . ,
Theories of Americanization. A Critical Study. With special
reference to the Jewish group. New York, 1920.
A sociological study.
Concerned primarily with New York Jewry.
, C
S., ed., The Russian Jew in the United States. Studies
o f social conditions in New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago, with a descrip-
tion of rural settlements. Philadelphia,
Competent studies by many
writers on the relation o f the Russian Jew in the United States to politics,
rural settlements, philanthropy, religion, education, etc. The study is limited
primarily to New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Bibliography and maps.
This book is practically identical with E
J. J
Immigrant Jew in America.
New York,
l u m
, I
s i d o r
The Jews of Baltimore. An historical summary of their progress
and status as citizens of Baltimore from early days to the year nineteen
hundred and ten. Baltimore, 1910.
A composite picture of the Baltimore
Jewish community. The introductory essay on the Jews of Baltimore is
followed by sketches of the various congregations, their rabbis, the various
clubs, philanthropic societies, etc. Illustrated.
o g e n
, B
or i s
D., Jewish Philanthropy. An Exposition of Principles and Methods
of Jewish Social Service in the United States. New York, 1917.
An in-
teresting book by a social worker. Also contains material on Jewish philan-
thropic organizations, immigration, agriculture, education, settlements, etc.
r o c h e s
S., Jews in New England. Part I: Historical Study of the Jews in Mas-
sachusetts (1650-1750); Part II: Jewish Merchants in Colonial Rhode Island.
New York, 1942. These studies, dealing with colonial New England Jewry,
are largely in the form of source materials and documents.
r o u n
, H
e y w o o d
a n d
e o r g e
r i t t
Christians Only. A Study in Prejudice.
New York, 1931.
An interesting study of prejudice against the Jew in the
United States. Some research material has been utilized. Considerable
attention is paid to discrimination in schools and in economic life.
r o w n
, F
r a n c i s
J . ,
a n d
o s e p h
l a b e y
o u c e k
eds., Our Racial and National
Minorities. Their History, Contributions, and Present Problems. New York,
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