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1937. There is a chapter dealing with the Jews written by Harry Schneider-
u r g i n
, H
e r t z
ed., Die geshichte fun der idisher arbeiter bewegung in Amerika,
Rusland, un England. New York, 1915. (Yiddish).
A study of the Jewish
labor movement and its relations to various radical political parties.
y a r s
, W
i l l i am
i n c e n t
B .
and M. Gratz, Merchants in Philadelphia,
1754-1798. Papers of interest to their posterity and the posterity of their
associates. Jefferson City, Mo., 1916.
A very valuable collection of Gratz
papers covering the period from 1754 to 1903. No history of the Jew in colonial
America can be written without constant resort to this work.
a h a n
, A
. ,
Bletter fun mein Leben,
volumes. New York,
1 9 2 6 - 3 1 .
Memoirs of the distinguished Jewish socialist. Contains material on many
phases of Jewish life, especially the cultural and literary development in the
United States a generation ago.
Central Conference of American Rabbis,
1891 to date.
These year-
books which contain the annual conference proceedings are invaluable for
any study of Reform Judaism in the United States. The appendices in every
volume contain articles and monographs on almost every phase of Jewish
life and culture in all lands and hence are a valuable repertory of material
on modern Jewish history. Students should consult the Yearbook Index of
volumes 1 to 50 issued by the Conference in 1941.
o h e n
, G
e o r c e
The Jews in the Making of America. Boston,
1 9 2 4 .
A series
of very popular sketches on the Jew in the United States: his war record, his
contributions to business, to the theater, literature, art, the professions, etc.
o w e n
, P
h i l i p
Memoirs of an American Jew. New York, 1932.
that throw light on American Jewish life in the decades before and after 1900.
Important for Jewish life in New York. Index.
a l y
, C
h a r l e s
P., The Settlement of the Jews in North America. Edited, with
notes and appendices, by Max J. Kohler. New York, 1893.
A series of
excellent sketches on the early life of the American Jew.
a v i d s o n
, G
a b r i e l
Our Jewish Farmers and the Story of the Jewish Agricultural
Society. New York, 1943.
Primarily a history of the Jewish Agricultural
Society rather than a history of the Jew on the soil in America. The author
has been a leader in the farm movement for many years.
a v i s
- D
u b o i s
, R
a c h e l
a n d
c h w e p p e
eds., The Jew in American Life.
New York, 1935.
“The part played by the Jews of America in history,
literature, music, art, the theater, science, the professions, economic life,
philanthropy.” A popular apologetic work. Part of a series, “Building Ameri-
can Culture.”
r a c h s l e r
, J
u l i u s
Democracy and Assimilation. The blending of Immigrant
Heritages in America. New York, 1920.
Deals with the Americanization
of the immigrants, intermarriage among ethnic groups in the United States,
public policy, and ethnic fusion. The statistics on Jewish intermarriage in
New York City are of importance. Statistical supplement. Bibliography.
u s h k i n
, A
l e x a n d e r
M., Jewish Education in New York City. New York, 1918.
This history and study of Jewish education in New York City also reprints
some source materials.
i n h o r n
, D
a v i d
David Einhorn Memorial Volume. Selected Sermons and
Addresses, ed. by Kaufmann Kohler. A biographical essay by Kaufmann
Kohler. A memorial oration by Emil G. Hirsch. New York, 1911.
sermons and addresses of Einhorn are issued in German. Einhorn’s point of
view is important for any study of Reform Judaism in the middle nineteenth
century in the United States.
z a s
, B
a r n e t t
A., The Jews of South Carolina. From the earliest times to the
present day. Philadelphia, 1905. One of the best histories of a Jewish state
community. Covers the period from 1670 to 1905. The history of the middle
nineteenth century is rather sketchy. Contains important documents.
z e k i e l
, H
e r b e r t
T., and
a s t o n
i c h t e n s t e i n
The History of the Jews of
Richmond, Va., from 1769 to 1917. Richmond, 1917.
A detailed study of
this important southern community based on archival materials. Docu-
mentary appendices, notes, index.
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