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e l s e n t h a l
, E
m m a
Bernard Felsenthal. Teacher in Israel. Selections from his
Writings with Biographical Sketch and Bibliography by nis Daughter. New
York, 1924. The biography of a noted American rabbi of the third quarter
of the nineteenth century. Felsenthal was one of the first Reform rabbis
to interest himself in Zionism.
i n e b e r g
So lomon A n d h i l , Overcoming Anti-Semitism. New York,
Studies in the technique o f overcoming anti-Semitism. Written primarily
with the American scene in mind.
For the Honor of the Nation. Patriotism of the American Jew. Hailed by Christian
Historians. By S. W. McCall, C. W. Eliot, and others. New York, 1939.
A series of apologetic addresses and essays, all written by non-Jews, in defense
of the Jew.
r e u n d
, M
i r i am
K., Jewish Merchants in Colonial America. Their Achievements
and Their Contributions to the Development of America. New York, 1939.
A study of the Jew in the commercial life of early America. Documented.
r i e d l a e n d e r
, I
s r a e l
Past and Present. A Collection of Jewish Essays. Cin-
cinnati, 1919.
Several essays by this gifted scholar deal with education and
scholarship in the American Jewish community.
r i e d m a n
L e e
M., Early American Jews. Cambridge, Mass., 1934. A series of
documented studies on the Jews in Massachusetts, New York, and other
states. The section on New York includes a study of Haym Salomon’s ser-
vices in the American Revolution. Notes, appendices, bibliography, indices.
r i e d m a n
L e e
M., Jewish Pioneers and Patriots. New York, 1942.
A group
of essays touching on many aspects of American Jewish life. There is much
material here for the social and economic aspects of early American life. The
approach is popular.
l a z e r
, S
i m o n
The Jews of Iowa. A complete history and accurate account of
their religious, social, economical and educational progress in this state: a
history of the Jews of Europe, North and South America in modern time:
a brief history of Iowa. Des Moines, Iowa, 1904.
The story of the Jews of
Iowa begins in chapter twelve. An elementary study. The story is carried
down through 1940 by
a ck
o l f e
A Century with Iowa Jewry
, Des
Moines, 1941.
o l d b e r g
, I
s a a c
Major Noah: American-Jewish Pioneer. Philadelphia, 1936.
The history of the most notable American Jew of the first third of the nine-
teenth century: Mordecai Manuel Noah.
o l d s t e i n
, H
e r b e r t
S., Forty Years of Struggle for a Principle. The Biography
of Harry Fischel. Compiled from Mr. Fischel’s daily diary,' newspaper clip-
pings, editorials, and addresses delivered by him during his forty years of
service to the Jewish community. New York, 1928.
The biography of a
man who was very active in East European and orthodox Jewish circles in
the United States in the period before the W7orld War. Index.
o l d s t e i n
, I
s r a e l
A Century of Judaism in New York. B’nai Jeshurun 1825-
1925. New York’s oldest Ashkenazic Congregation. New York, 1930.
good congregational history. Annotated. Some of the history of the times
is also incorporated. Documents, bibliography, index.
o m p e r s
, S
a m u e l
Seventy Years of Life and Labor. An Autobiography. 2 vols.
New York, 1925. The story of one of the founders of the American Federa-
tion of Labor.
o r i n
B., Die geshichte fun idishen theater. Zwei toizend yor theater bei iden.
2 vols. New York, 1918. (Yiddish).
A history of the Yiddish drama both
here and abroad. Illustrated.
, I
, and S
, in cooperation with Miriam
Beard and others, Jews in a Gentile World. The Problem o f Anti-Semitism.
New York,
A series o f essays dealing with the problem o f anti-Semitism.
A number o f these essays are specifically concerned with the problems o f
American Jewry.
u t s t e i n
, M
o r r i s
A., The story of the Jews of Newport. Two and a half Centu-
ries of Judaism, 1658-1908. New York, 1936.
This study concerns itself
primarily with the colonial period. Documented.
Louis D. Brandeis. A Biographical Sketch. With special reference
to his contributions to Jewish and Zionist history. With full text of his addres-