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ses delivered from 1912 to 1924. New York, 1929.
A very brief history.
Valuable for an understanding of the currents and countercurrents in Zionism
and American Jewish life in the period before and after World War I. An
ampler collection of Brandeis’ Zionist writings may be found in
Brandeis on
, Washington, D. C., 1942.
l i
e r
, J
a m e s
G., As Yesterday When it is Past. A History of the Isaac M.
Wise Temple-K. K. B’nai Yeshurun, Cincinnati. Cincinnati, 1942.
history of one of the great American congregations closely associated with
Isaac Mayer Wise and the development of the American Jewish Reform
o u r w i c h
, I
A., Immigration and Labor. The Economic Aspects of European
Immigration to the United States. 2nd ed. New York, 1922.
A detailed
study of the immigrants and their relation to labor, standard of living, crime,
type of education, etc., by a competent sociologist. Statistical tables.
International Worker’s Order, Almanac. Contribution of the Jews to the Develop-
ment of America. Tenth Anniversary Jubilee Volume. New York, 1940.
(Yiddish). Contains a number of essays dealing with the political, economic,
and social life of the American Jew.
a n o w s k y
, O
sc a r
I., ed., The American Jew. A Composite Portrait. New York,
A series of studies on American Jewish life and culture by a group of
writers. A number of the essays are excellent. This is the best study of this
type that has been published.
Jewish Communal Register of New York City, 1917-1918. New York, 1918.
A very valuable collection of material, encyclopedic in character, covering
practically every communal, religious, educational, recreational, cultural,
economic, mutual aid, and correctional agency in New York City. Tables.
Illustrations. Index.
Jewish Landsmanschaften of New York. The, Prepared by the Yiddish WViters’
Group of the Federal Waiters’ Project. Works Progress Administration
in the City of New York. New York, 1938. (Yiddish). Detailed sociological
studies on the New York
and Family Circles.
Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Rabbinical Assembly.
1927 to date.
These proceedings of the annual conference of Conservative
Rabbis throw light on their theology and their point of view. Scientific essays
also abound.
Jews in America, By the Editors of
New York, 1936.
A survey of the
Jew in the United States and an attempt to gauge his “influence.” Journalistic,
but valuable.
o s e p h
, S
a m u e l
History of the Baron de Hirscn Fund. The Americanization of
the Jewish Immigrant. Philadelphia, 1935.
Valuable for a study of the
ruralization and Americanization of the Fast European immigrants.
o s e p h
, S
a m u e l
Jewish Immigration to the United States from 1881-1910.
New York, 1914. Deals with the causes of Jewish emigration; the economic,
social, and political conditions of the Jews in Eastern Europe; Jewish im-
migration to the United States, illiteracy; etc. Numerous statistical tables.
Documents, bibliography. A very useful work.
a g a n
, S
o l omo n
R., American Jewish Physicians of Note. Biographical Sketches.
Boston, 1942.
A chronologically arranged “Who’s Who” of American
Jewish physicians beginning with Isaac Hays (b. 1796) and continuing to
the present day.
a g a n
, S
o l omo n
R., Jewish Contributions to Medicine in America (1656-1934)
With medical chronology, bibliography, and sixty-nine illustrations. Boston,
There is an introductory essay on Jewish physicians in America,
followed by topical studies. In the topical studies the treatment is bibliographi-
cal. A revised and expanded edition appeared in 1939.
a r p f
, M
a u r i c e
J., Jewish Community Organization in the United States. An
Outline of Types of Organizations, Activities, and Problems. New York,
A brief but interesting and useful study of the structure of the Ameri-
can Jewish community. Documented.
a y s e r l i n g
M., Christopher Columbus and the Participation of the Jews in the
Spanish and Portuguese Discoveries. Tr. by C. Gross. New York, 1894.
A study by an authority in the field. Documented. Appendices.
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