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o h l e r
, K
a u f m a n n
Hebrew Union College and Other Addresses. Cincinnati,
Selected addresses of a famous Jewish scholar and theologian, I he
estimates of Wise, Mielziner, Einhorn, Samuel Adler, Geiger, and Schechter
are important.
o h l e r
, M
a x
J., Immigration and Aliens in the United States. Studies
can Immigration Laws and the Legal Status of Aliens in the United States.
New York, 1936.
These studies have been made by a conscientious and
competent writer. Eulogies of Baron de Hirsch, Simon Wolf, Jacob H. Schiff
and Louis Marshall are also included.
o h u t
, R
e b e c c a
I Know Them. Some Jews and a few Gentiles. New \o r k ,
A well-known American Jewess records her impressions of many
eminent Jews of the nineteenth century.
o h u t
, R
e b e c c a
My Portion. An Autobiography. New York, 1925.
biography of a famous American Jewess.
a r
, E
l d e n
The Clothing Workers in Philadelphia. History of Their Struggles
for Union and Security. Philadelphia, 1940.
I he story of the clothing
workers in Philadelphia, many of whom are Jews.
a n g
H., and
o r r i s
e i n s t o n e
Issued by the United
Hebrew Trades on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary as a Trade Union
Body in Greater New York, 1938. Collection of essays in English and Yiddish
on the United Hebrew Trades.
a n g
, H
a r r y
“62”. Biography of a Union. New York, 1940.
The story of
Undergarment and Negligee Workers’ Union Local, 62, I.
L .
G. W7. U., a
local with more than 10,000 members.
a s k e r
, B
r u n o
ed., Jewish Experiences in America. Suggestions for the Study
of Jewish Relations with Non-Jews. New York, 1930.
An interesting
manual for the study of Jewish relations to non-Jews. Contains excerpts
from writers on Jewish and non-Jewish relations, reading lists, suggestions
for discussion leaders, attitude and opinion tests, and suggested adaptations
of general discussion-outline for women’s groups without trained leadership.
e b e s o n
, A
n i t a
i b m a n
Jewish Pioneers in America, 1492-1848. New York,
The best history of Jews in the United States prior to the Civil War
thus far published. The approach is scientific. Illustrated. Notes, bibliogra-
phies, index.
e i s e r
, J
o s e p h
American Judaism. The Religion and Religious institutions of
the Jewish People in the United States. A historical survey. New York, 1925.
Treats of various groups, movements, and institutions in American Jewish
e v i n e
, L
o u i s
The Women’s Garment Workers. A History of the International
Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union. New York, 1924.
A detailed history of
the rise and development of this important union in which Jews play so
important a part. Statistics, documents, bibliography, indices.
e v i n g e r
, L
e e
J . ,
Anti-Semitism in the United States. Its History and Causes.
New York, 1925.
A sociological approach to the study of anti-Semitism
in the United States. The study concerns itself primarily with the War and
post-War period. Bibliography.
e v i n g e r
, L
e e
J., A History of the Jews in the United States. Cincinnati, 1930.
A simple, well organized elementary introduction to the history of the Jews
in the United States. No detailed, scholarly history of the Jews in the United
States has yet been written.
e w i s o h n
, L
u d w i g
Up Stream. An American Chronicle. New York, 1922.
The autobiography of one of the most stimulating writers of present day
America. The “memoir” literature increases daily. Those interested in this
field may consult the article “Memoirs” in the
Universal Jewish Encyclo-
, for further titles.
o n d o n
, H
a n n a h
R., Portraits of Jews by Gilbert Stuart and Other Early Ameri-
can Artists. New York, 1927.
This beautiful book contains miscellaneous
portraits, miniatures, etc., together with an interesting introduction. In the
addenda there is a record of the portraits of early American Jews. Biblio-
ography, index.
a r k e n s
, i sAAC,
The Hebrews in America. A Series of Historical and Biographi-
cal Sketches. New York, 1888.
An early attempt to write the history of
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