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many aspects of Jewish life. A number of these memoirs
which for the
most part are excerpted — deal with the American scene.
o l t e s
, M
o r d e c a i
The Yiddish Press. An Americanizing Agency. New York,
A good study of the Yiddish daily press of New York City and its
influence. Important for a history of the Yiddish press in the United States.
p a r g o
, J
o h n
The Jew and American Ideals. New York, 1921.
A series of
popular essays dealing with Henry Ford’s anti-Semitism, the “ International
Jewish Conspiracy,” Bolshevism and the Jews, anti-Semitism in the United
States, etc.
p i v a k
, J
o h n
L . ,
Plotting America’s Pogroms. A Documented Expose of Organized
Anti-Semitism in the United States. New York, 1934.
A series of articles
The New Masses.
Contains material which had in part already been
published in the
Jewish Daily Bulletin.
Good readable summary. Facsimiles,
copies of letters, etc.
t e i n b e r g
, N
o a h
Yung Amerika. New York, 1917. (Yiddish).
A study of
the younger generation of Yiddish writers in the United States. Short bio-
bibliographical sketches of the writers are also appended.
t r a u s
, O
sc a r
S . ,
Under Four Administrations. From Cleveland to Taft. Boston,
Memoirs of a prominent American Jew who was minister to Turkey
and the first Jew to serve in an American cabinet. Illustrations, index.
, D
S., Organized Anti-Semitism in America. The Rise o f Group
Prejudice during the Decade
A good study
o f nativist and fascist movements o f an anti-Semitic type.
s c h e r i k o w e r
E., ed., History of the Jewish Labor Movement in the United
States. Vol. I. New York, 1943. (Yiddish).
A composite work that con-
tains far more material than the title implies. In many respects this is a
history of the East European immigrants in the United States. Much of
this material goes only up to 1890.
, J
), Dibre yeme Immanuel. The Chronicle o f Emanu-El:
being an account o f the rise and progress o f the Congregation Emanu-El
which was founded in July, 1850. San Francisco, 1900.
A history o f one
o f the most important Jewish congregations on the Pacific Coast covering
the period from 1849 to 1900. Valuable for a study of Jewish life in the far
a x m a n
, M
e y e r
A History of Jewish Literature from the Close of the Bible to
our own Days. Vol. IV: From 1880 to 1935. New York, 1941. The last
chapters deal with American Jewish literature. This is the most comprehen-
sive survey that has thus far been published.
, P
, History of the Jews in America. From the Period o f the Dis-
covery o f the New World to the Present Time. 2nd ed. New York, 1931.
A popular study o f the Jews in the New World. Good for an appreciation o f
the work and problems o f the East European Jews in this country.
l a n s k y
, D
e n a
Sinai to Cincinnati. Lay Views on the Writings of Isaac M.
WTise, Founder of Reform Judaism in America. New York, 1937.
This is
an anthology of the writings o.f Rabbi I. M. Wise. Every aspect of Wise’s
varied interests is touched upon. It is a very useful source for a study of
middle nineteenth century American Jewry.
i s e
I. M., Reminiscences. Ed. by David Philipson. Cincinnati, 1901. Rem-
iniscences of the organizer of Reform Judaism in America. A cross-section
of American Jewish life in the middle nineteenth century. Very interesting
and informative.
o l f
S., The American Jew as Patriot, Soldier and Citizen. Philadelphia, 1895.
A series of studies and statistical data on the American Jew in the army, navy,
etc. Also contains material on the Russian Jewish problem.
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