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The listing which follows is a bibliography of books and pam-
phlets on Jewish education available in English. Naturally there
are many valuable works in the Hebrew language and in Yiddish
which should be included in a complete bibliography, but because
of limitations of space only English titles have here been con-
sidered. This listing is not complete, but selective. Some of the
older material has been left out because the educational point
of view implicit in it is no longer accepted as valid today.
The literature of Jewish education is a new field with which
relatively few persons are entirely familiar. A few of the works
are well known, but the majority are as yet not even in print but
represent mimeographed pamphlets which are still mostly in
experimental form. A bibliography such as this is therefore of
value even to the trained educator. In view of the many partially
pedagogically trained persons who have dealings with Jewish
schools and even, in many cases, persons without training at all,
it is especially significant that they know the literature of the
As indicated, the profession of Jewish education is young, and
therefore this bibliography is essentially meager. While taken as
a whole the number of titles may seem impressive, when broken
down into their individual classifications they reveal a poverty in
many of the sub-fields. Many titles, as already mentioned, are
only of mimeographed pamphlets. Nevertheless, there is perhaps
reason for self-congratulation that we are represented at all in so
many of the educational departments and that we have something
at least to which to refer the student.
The books included in this bibliography deal with the science
of Jewish education. Naturally children’s textbooks have not
been listed. Neither have workbooks, except where there is no
corresponding teachers’ book, and then the workbooks have been
itemized because they represent a concrete exhibit in methodology,
much more concrete than a theoretic discussion in an educational
In a limited bibliography such as this, it is of course impossible
to list in detail the periodical literature. By far the richest collection
of articles on Jewish education is contained in the fourteen volumes
of the
Jewish Education
magazine. In this bibliography it can
only be referred to in toto, as have other periodical publications.
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