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r a n z b l a u
, A
b r a h a m
N., Organization, Supervision, and Administration of the
Jewish Religious School. Cincinnati, Hebrew Union College, 1937. 53 pp.
Mimeographed. A topical outline of the above fields with reference readings.
General Papers on Jewish Education. New York, Bureau of Jewish Education.
Includes the following: Goldfarb, Samuel S., “The School
Choir,” 6 pp.; “The School Paper,” 6 pp.; Eisenberg, Israel S., “Student
Government in the Hebrew School,” 11 pp.; “How To Increase Your School
Registration,” 6 pp.; “The Bulletin Board,” 4 pp.; “Form Letters,” 10 pp.;
“Festival Entertainments in Hebrew School,” 6 pp.; Rudavsky, David,
“Hebrew School Graduation,” 27 pp.; Zweig, Solomon, “The Teaching of
Customs and Ceremonies,” 9 pp.; Polsky, Abraham, “The Teaching of History
in a Graduating Class,” 3 pp.; Krakower, Isidore E., “The Teaching of Current
Events,” 6 pp.
e r e t
, P
a u l
, H
Conduct an Enrollment Campaign. Philadelphia, Bulletin
/54, Associated Talmud Torahs, 1935. 61 pp. Mimeographed.
plan of conducting enrollment campaign with incidental publicity. Suggests
programs and materials for school assemblies.
e r e t
, P
a u l
Jewish Education Week. Philadelphia, Bullettin /40, Associated
Talmud Torahs, 1931. 57 pp. Mimeographed.
Includes suggested projects
for Jewish Education Week, together with actual materials, such as sample
talks, stories, dramatizations, music, etc.
u r v e y s
e r k s o n
, I
s aac
a n d
o s e n
, B
e n
1936 Jewish Education Survey of Cleveland.
Cleveland, Jewish Welfare Fund, 1936. 82 pp. Mimeographed. The study
includes an analysis of enrollment and withdrawals, problems of educational
policy, such as religion versus nationalism, or the relation to minority type
schools, such as the Yiddishists, and the functions, organization, and financies
of the Bureau. Sections of the New York survey are included for comparison.
Community Organization for Jewish Education. New York, Council of Jewish
Federations and Welfare Funds, 1939. 44 pp. Mimeographed.
discussion of the organization, activities, and financing of the central bureaus
of Jewish education, as well as the enrollment and financing experiences of
schools affiliated with them.
u s h k i n
, A
l e x a n d e r
M., Jewish Education in New York City. New York,
Bureau of Jewish Education, 1918. 559 pp. Part I consists of an historical
analysis of Jewish education in New York from colonial times to the present.
Part II is an intensive survey of Jewish education in that city, including
enrollment, school buildings, administrative organization, elimination and
retardation, finances, teachers, curriculum, etc.
1936 Jewish Education Study of New York. Jewish Education Survey Committee,
May 25, 1936. 87 pp. Mimeographed.
Includes an analysis of the Jewish
education situation in New York City, with recommendations for the re-
organization and development of Jewish education in Greater New York,
proposing the organization of the Jewish Education Committee.
1940 Annual Report of the Jewish Education Committee of New York. 20 pp.
Discusses four basic aims of the community program: (1) Improvement of
the quality of the work of the schools. (2) Improvement of the status of the
teacher in the schools. (3) Extension of opportunities for religious instruction.
(4) Enlisting support for Jewish education.
o s e n
, B
e n
Jewish Educational Survey Schedules. Philadelphia, Bulletin /77,
Associated Talmud Torahs, 1939. Mimeographed. Sixteen forms.
a series of survey schedules by means of which to gather basic information
for individual institutions as well as for city-wide systems on registration,
elimination, teachers, tuition fees, attendance, buildings, course of study,
and class progress reports.
“Survey of the Reform Religious Schools,” included in volume entitled
New York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations and Jewish Education
Committee, 1941. 15 pp.
A survey of thirty-six religious schools, citing
length of sessions, size of school and classes, age of confirmation, course of
study, teachers, and finances.
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