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i n d e r g a r t e n
a n d
r i m a r y
r a d e s
American Hebrew Kindergarten (MSS in Jewish Education Committee Library).
A kindergarten curriculum outlining a program in the following
fields: health and physical education, social studies, science, the arts, language,
and literature. Detailed lesson plans are worked out for a month.
o l u b
, R
o s e
W . ,
Festival Course for Primary Grades. Cincinnati, Bureau
o f
Jewish Education, 1933. Mimeographed.
A series of projects about the
festivals in eight units, with stories, dramatizations, music, band-work, etc.
a r r i s
, H
a n n a h
; L
e i d e r m a n
, L
i l l i a n
; P
e i k e s
, A
n n e t t e
Manual for the
Hebrew Kindergarten. New York, Council for Orthodox Jewish Schools,
1942. Mimeographed.
program suggesting Hebrew^ songs and games,
preparation for the teaching of Hebrew, and festival projects and programs.
a n d m a n
Eva, A Kindergarten Manual for Jewish Religious Schools. Cincinnati,
Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1918. 199 pp.
A manual based
on teaching the virtues, such as obedience, helpfulness, kindness, etc., as well
as Sabbath and the holidays.
o s e n z w e i g
, M
a r i o n
o r d a n
a n d
p h r a i m
i c h a e l
, N
We Begin. Cincin-
nati, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1937.
A course of study
for four-year-olds, including stories, poems, songs, suggestions for dramati-
zations, and hand-work for all the festivals.
a t l o w
, D
o l l y
a n d
e w i s
Teacher’s Book for Holiday Projects. New York,
Behrman’s Jewish Book House, 1940. A series of hand-work cutouts, mainly
for the festivals, with explanatory text for the teacher.
u r r i c u l u m
, I
A., Six-Year Course of Hebrew Institute and Affiliated Hebrew
Schools o f Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh Hebrew Institute, 1929.
Outline o f subject matter and texts listed by year o f study.
o h e n
, S
a m u e l
M., The Progressive Jewish School. New York, United Synagogue
of America, 1932. 171 pp.
After analyzing the general socializing values of
the Jewish school, the author proposes a program based on a twofold division,
activities and formal studies. He lists the activities, and, as for formal studies,
he proposes a program of integration.
Course of Study of the Associated Talmud Torahs. Philadelphia, Bulletin
Associated Talmud Torahs, January, 1936. 24 pp. Mimeographed. Outline
of seven-years’ regular course., one-year special course, and three years of
extension high school, followed by a bibliography of texts and teachers’ aids.
Curriculum of the Congregational Hebrew School. Chicago, Board of Jewish
Education. 7 pp. Mimeographed.
Outline of a three-year regular course
and a two-year special course of four to five hours of instruction per week.
Also, outline of study for congregational high schools meeting four hours per
in in
, S
, I
L., Bar Mitzvah Instruction. New York,
Bureau of Jewish Education. 10 pp.
Discusses what should be taught to
the individual and what in group, as well as requirements for the Bar Mitzvah
and Bat Mitzvah ceremony, and the pledge which the Bar or Bat Mitzvah
should take.
Five-Year Curriculum of the Herzliah Hebrew School. Chicago, Board of Jewish
Education, 1936. Mimeographed.
Outline of studies and listing of texts
for a communal Talmud Torah.
a n d e s m a n
, R
a b b i
l t e r
F., A Curriculum for Jewish Religious Schools. New
York, United Synagogue of America, 1922. 276 pp.
After introduction of
general administrative practices, courses of study are offered for an intensive
daily school, a three-day-a-week school, a two-year course of special classes,
and a Sunday school. A four-year music course is appended by Samuel E.
Materials and Methods for Teaching of Customs and Ceremonies. Baltimore,
Board of Jewish Education, 1934. Mimeographed. Bulletin #1 — Sephira
and Lag b’Omer. Bulletin #2 — Shabuot. Bulletin #3 — Three Weeks,
17th of Tamuz, Nine Days, and Tisha b’Ab. Bulletin #4 — Month of Elul,
— 34 —