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r e e n b e r g
, R
a b b i
i m o n
The Second Term in Hebrew School, A Teachers’
Guide. New York, United Synagogue of America and Rabbinical Assembly
of America, 1942. 157 pp. Mimeographed.
A methodology is offered for
teaching both the language and grammar as well as the underlying ideas in
Hoivri Horishon
and the prayer book. Correlated stories, songs, and arts and
crafts are suggested. Detailed and individual lesson plans are offered.
u d e l m a n
, E
d w a r d
a n d
o l u b
, J
aco b
S., Individual Instruction in Hebrew,
Chicago, Board of Jewish Education, 1928. 27 pp. Mimeographed. Manual
of suggestions to teachers on how to employ the individual method of instruc-
tion in Hebrew.
o s e n
, B
e n
a n d
h o m s k y
, W
i l l i a m
Improving the Teaching of Hebrew in Our
Schools. Philadelphia, Associated Talmud Torahs, 10 pp. Mimeographed.
Describes what the Associated Talmud Torahs have done to improve Hebrew
instruction in Philadelphia.
e n e r a l
e t h o d
— S
oc i al
t u d i e s
a n d
i b l e
r a v e r m a n
, L
i b b i e
L . ,
Workbook for Children of the Emek, by same author.
Cleveland, Euclid Avenue Temple. Mimeographed. A methodology for teach-
ing that book to little children.
h o m s k y
, W
i l l i a m
, H
to Teach in the Jewish School, Introductory Course in
Jewish Education. Phila., Gratz College-Hebrew Education Society, 1940.
60 pp. Mimeographed.
Describes the method to be used in teaching the
various subjects in the Jewish schools, together with general discussions of
lesson planning, assignments, discipline, etc.
o m i n s
, H
a r r y
L., Teaching the Prophets. Cincinnati, Union of American
H e b
Congregations, 1936. 265 pp. Suggests methods to be employed in teaching
the prophets, among them the outline method, the problem solving method,
first of historical and later of modern problems, and finally the topical method.
Supplementary activities are suggested, such as an imaginary newspaper,
dramatization, a mock trial, and debates.
d i d i n
, B
e n
M., Student’s Workbook for A History of the Jews in the United
States. Cincinnati, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1942.
gests a procedure for teaching Lee J. Levinger’s
A History of the Jews in the
United States.
i s e n b e r g
, I
s r a e l
L., Teaching Jewish History; Teaching Biblical Literature.
Cleveland, Bureau of Jewish Education, 1940. 17 and 16 pp. Mimeographed.
Presents methods of teaching above subjects with suggested bibliographies.
i n e b e r g
, S
ol omon
A., Biblical Myth and Legend. New York, Behrman’s Jewish
Book House, 1932. 155 pp. Analysis of eighteen authors of Biblical histories
to see how they treat myth and legend in the light of a set of criteria established
by the author of the study.
Games and Contests for the Teaching of Jewish Current News. Philadelphia,
Bulletin /28, Associated Talmud Torahs, 1930. 8 pp. Mimeographed. Sug-
gests games, contests, and projects for the teaching of current events.
a m o r a n
, E
m a n u e l
Methods of Teaching Jewish Subjects. Cincinnati, Union
of American Hebrew Congregations.
Mimeographed. A syllabus with
bibliography, starting with a discussion of method in general and proceeding
to an analysis of the teaching of Bible and ideals.
a m o r a n
, E
m a n u e l
Introductory Course in Education, A Syllabus. Cincinnati,
Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1926. 98 pp.
Discusses aims,
methods, laws of learning, classroom management, and curriculum.
a m o r a n
, E
m a n u e l
The Project Method in the Jewish School — A Symposium.
Cincinnati, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1926. 90 pp. Includes
a discussion of the project method in general by Rabbi Barnett L. Brickner,
the project method in teaching Jewish customs and ceremonies by Emanuel
Gamoran, a project in contemporary Jewish history by Joseph L. Baron, and
some of the difficulties of the project method and a suggested listing of projects
in customs and ceremonies by Emanuel Gamoran. There are also a general
discussion and questions.
, E
, Digest o f Articles. Cleveland, Bureau o f Jewish Education,
1942. 24
pp. Mimeographed.
Includes digests o f teaching the God idea,
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