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the miracles, Palestine, customs and ceremonies, contemporary problems,
Hebrew reading, and Jewish social studies.
, H
, Pupi ls’ Act ivity Book for
Days and Ways
by Mamie
G. Gamoran. Cincinnati , Union o f American Hebrew Congregations,
pp. Mimeographed. A methodology for teaching customs and ceremonies.
o u g h t o n
, L
o u i s e
e y m o u r
, H
to Tell Bible Stories. New York, Charles
Scribner’s Sons, 1905. 295 pp.
Discusses appropriateness of Old Testament
story for children and analyzes the value of the various stories.
a p l a n
, L
o u i s
L . ,
A New Approach to the Teaching of the Torah— Genesis,
69 pp., Exodus, 68 pp., Leviticus, 47 pp., Numbers, 53 pp. Baltimore, Board
of Jewish Education, 1942-43. Mimeographed.
The new approach under-
takes to teach the Bible in three cycles. The first two cycles are based on the
The Bible portion is outlined completely in English, and two
or three verses in the first cycle and about twenty to thirty in the second,
treating of the fundamental central ideas, are studied in Hebrew and discussed
in English. The third cycle studies the books of the Pentateuch in their order.
o h n
, E
u g e n e
A Manual for Teaching Biblical History. New York, United
Synagogue of America, 1917. 220 pp.
The Book is based on the aim to
identify the child with Jewish life through the teaching of Jewish history and
drawing the Biblical moral, not just any moral. Suggestions are given for
general method, and each individual lesson is interpreted with aims and
suggestions to teachers.
a l l e r
, J
u l i u s
Educational Psychology, A Syllabus. Cincinnati, Union of
American Hebrew Congregations.. Twenty-two lessons.
Analyzes all the
psychological factors involved in learning.
u d a v s k y
, D
a v i d
Suggestions for Teaching Current Events. Philadelphia,
Bulletin #51, Associated Talmud Torahs, 1934. 17 pp. Mimeographed.
Lists purposes, methods, games, and projects in current events instruction.
e l i g s
, D
o r o t h y
F . ,
Pupils Activity Book to accompany
A Child's History of the
Hebrew People
, by same author. New York, Bloch Publishing Company, 1939.
149 pp. Pupil’s Activity Book to accompany
A Child's History of Jewish
, by same author. New York, Bloch Publishing Company, 1940. 189 pp.
Pupil’s Activity Book to accompany
A History of Jewish Life in Modern Times.
New York, Bloch Publishing Company, 1941. 257 pp.
Indicate interesting
activities which pupil can engage in as a method of studying history. Have
many illustrations of period costumes, implements, homes, personalities, etc.
The following teachers’ books are published in Cincinnati, Union of American
Hebrew Congregations, as aids to teaching particular texts:
i l d e r s e e
, A
d e l e
The Story of Genesis
, Teachers’ Manual. 1924. 102
p p .
of the House of Bondage
, Teachers’ Manual. 136
p p .
i s e n b e r g
, A
z r i e l
Into the Promised Land
(by Rabbi Jacob D. Schwartz),
Teacher’s Guide for the Period from Joshua to Solomon. 1936. 141
p p .
With Singer and Sage
(by Mamie G. Gamoran),
Guide for the Teaching of the Writings. 1940. 213 pp. Mimeographed.
o l u b
, J
aco b
S., Teacher’s Book for
In the Days of the Second Temple
same author. 1939. 121 pp. Mimeographed.
u d e l m a n
E. A., Teacher’s Guide for
Israel in Canaan
, by Jacob S. Golub. 1935.
119 pp.
o l o f f
, M
o r d e c a i
I., Teacher’s Book to
When the Jewish People Was Young
, by
same author. 1935. 127 pp. Teacher’s Book to
How the Jewish People Grew
by same author. 1939. 156 pp.
a r e t s k i
, S
a m u e l
In the Land of Kings and Prophets
, A Teacher’s Book, to
accompany book of that title by Rabbi Jacob D. Schwartz. 1938. Mimeo-
t t i t u d e s
, C
h a r a c t e r
d u c a t i o n
, E
t c
r a n t z b l a u
, A
b r a h a m
N., Religious Belief and Character Among Jewish Ado-
lescents. New York, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1934. 80 pp.
This investigation studies the extent to which children hold certain theological
beliefs and the relationship of these beliefs to such factors as maturity, sex,
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