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r e e n
, R
a b b i
l a n
i n g e r
, A
Project in Adult Participation in Present-Day
Jewish Life. Cincinnati, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1935.
88 pp. Mimeographed.
Suggests the project approach to adult Jewish
study and lists the motivating problems and the derived problems for study.
i e b e r m a n
, R
a b b i
o r r i s
The Use of Fiction in Jewish Religious Education.
Cincinnati, Department of Jewish Religious Education, Hebrew Union College,
1935. 108 pp. Mimeographed.
Discusses values and techniques in the use
of fiction in religious education and follows it with an annotated and graded
bibliography of whatever educational works the writer found available. The
bibliography is given alphabetically and topically, graded according to its
usefulness and levels of maturity. Criteria are indicated.
c h w a r t z
, L
a w r e n c e
W., “A Project in Jewish Education,” in
Year Book
Conference of American Rabbis
, Volume XLVI, 1936. Pp. 310 ff. Determin-
ing the objectives of the religious school through a series of group discussions
with the parents.
i s c e l l a n e o u s
h r m a n
, E
l i e z e r
to Use the Library. Chicago, Anshe Emet Schools,
1942. Mimeographed.
Teaches children how to examine a book, how to
use books of reference, the catalogue, etc.
u b i n
, J
o s e p h
Choosing a Life Work. Cincinnati, Union of American Hebrew
Congregations, 1937. 220 pp. Mimeographed. This is a volume in vocational
guidance. The introductory section presents the general as well as the Jewish
factors involved in vocational choices, the economic distribution of Jews,
and the effects of the depression, while subsequent chapters deal with the
general as well as the Jewish aspects of the professions of medicine, law,
education, and agriculture.