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fruitful his labors have been. In 1942 it was decided to produce
a printed
in order to bring the message of Jewish culture
to the attention of a wider public in a more attractive and more
durable form.
The most marked change in the current
is in emphasis
upon the needs of the people who may turn to the Jewish book for
assistance. We assume that manv Jews, stirred by current prob-
lems and events, seek light and comfort. We know that books in
considerable number exist which bear on the problems of Jewish
life and from which confidence in the Jewish future can be derived.
Hence the stress this year is again laid on bibliography. But the
books are arranged topically or conjointly with the names of
persons whose anniversaries are noted. Articles describing general
literary events and movements have not been excluded; the prim-
ary aim, however, has been to give information on specific prob-
lems, movements, books and literary personalities.
I t is once more my pleasant task to thank my co-workers:
contributors to the
, editors of the individual sections and
members of the Executive Committee of the Jewish Book Council
of America. Their names appear elsewhere in this volume. I am
deeply grateful to each of them who, with self-sacrificing devotion
to Jewish culture, did his utmost, within inevitable limits, to
make this
a useful guide.
We of the Jewish Book Council cannot send this volume forth
without a word of sorrow and self-dedication. The past year has
brought much tragedy to the Jewish people. In the midst of news
announcing the slaughter and starvation of unknown millions of
our fellow Jews, we have learned also that many men famous for
their contributions to Jewish thought, research, and letters have
been called — often under tragic circumstances — to the Academy
on High. WTe mourn these men whose labors have deepened our
thinking and broadened our vision, both those who departed at
the natural end of their days and those whom ruthless savagery
struck down before their time had come. To their undying spirit
we dedicate this volume, and to the cause for which they lived we
dedicate ourselves.
ol omon
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