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vast field of subjects which have only recently become of im-
portance. One looking for information on such topics as Biro-
Bidjan, Evsektia, League of Nations, Minority Rights and similar
subjects, which have come into prominence in the last two or
three decades, will have to turn to this work, since the very terms
did not exist when the first
1Jewish Encyclopedia
was issued. I t
is also superior to the others in the wealth of illustrations which
it contains and the illuminating statistical tables and graphs as
well as musical compositions which it includes. In the field of
biography and local history it is much more complete and up to
One of the principal objectives of the editors and contributors
of the
Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
has been to establish better
understanding between Jews and Gentiles. Many of the articles
are patently introduced with this aim in view, while others betray
a decided tendency in this direction. Nevertheless, most of the
writers were careful to preserve scientific exactness and accuracy
even while serving the general objective.
No library, whether private or public, can afford to be without
the two large American reference works. Some of the larger libraries
should have them all. The growing generation is thirsty for
knowledge on Jewish subjects and these works will provide them
with authoritative and condensed information and stimulate
their appetites for further study and investigation. I t should be
the concern of leading Jews in every community to see to it that
their local libraries are provided with sets of these works where
the non-Jew as well as the Jew may find reliable data on the Jews,
their history and culture.
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