Page 148 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 20

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HIS annual record presents the full range of literary, histor-
ical and scholarly publications in the field of Judaica.
Most numerous are the books on Jewish history, sociology and
biography, and the treatment of the political, legal and social
aspects of life in modern Israel.
The growing list of paperback reprints of excellent books
offered jointly by the Jewish Publication Society of America and
Meridian Books, as well as the newer Schocken paperbacks de-
serve special mention at this time.
Noteworthy are the translations of Yitzhak Baer’s
History of
the Jews in Christian Spain,
and Yigal Yadin’s
Scrolls of the
War of the Sons of Light.
Eidelberg’s treatment of Rabbi Israel
Isserlein; Twersky’s study of Rabbi Abraham ben David of
Posquieres; Werblowsky’s life of Rabbi Joseph Karo; and
Shimoff’s work on Rabbi Isaac Elhanan, mark the new effort
to evaluate the important contributions made by these important
rabbinical authorities.
The history of the Jews in the states of Colorado and West
Virginia, in New York City, in Manitoba, Canada, were made
available by Breck, Shinedling, Rischin and Chiel. Rudolph
Glanz on the Jews in American folklore offers a fresh approach.
Williamsburgh in Brooklyn merited two sociological studies, and
the suburbs were examined in the Kramer and Leventman work.
The biography of Henrietta Szold and the story of the Roth-
schild banking family lead the list of biographies of notable
Jews. The new developments in Israel are depicted in volumes
by Yaacov Morris, Howard Sachar and Herbert Weiner.
The whole complex of religious and social institutions of the
Bible has been described by the French scholar de Vaux in his
volume on ancient Israel. The commentaries and studies of
Blank, Cohon, Morgenstern, Plaut, Rosenberg and Silver will be
of value to students of the Bible. In art and archeology, Mazar’s
four volume
Illustrated World of the Bible,
Adam to