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I. E.
— A
ew ish
and Roth’s compendium on Jewish art, will provide the
reader with a wealth of illustrated material hitherto accessible in
scattered expensive volumes and in museums.
The shelf of Jewish anthologies was enriched by Philip Good-
Passover Anthology
and Glatzer and Hertzberg’s two col-
lections of significant texts about Judaism. Two introductions to
Jewish philosophy through the ages were written by Joseph Blau
and Zvi Cahn.
In the interest of having a fuller bibliographical record, several
titles were included by American Jewish authors whose work
was published in other countries.
A b r a h am s , G e r a ld .
The Jewish mind. Boston, Beacon, 1962. 419 p.
Essays by a former professor of law at Belfast University showing how
Jewish ideas on law, ethics, faith and literature have influenced Western
A d l e r , J o s ep h .
The Herzl paradox. New York, Hadrian, 1962. 178 p.
A study of Theodor Herzl’s theories for a new society based on
A g a r , H e r b e r t .
The saving remnant: an account of Jewish survival. New
York, Compass, 1962. 288 p. Paperbound reprint.
The fate of European Jews since World War I, and the founding
of Israel, from the viewpoint of the Joint Distribution Committee.
A l l e n , I sa a c .
Comparisons between Talmudic and American law. Tel Aviv
and New York, author, 1961. 67, 145 p.
The Hebrew section of the book also contains autobiographical
chapters and essays.
American Jewish year book: vol. 62, 1961. Edited by Morris Fine and Milton
Himmelfarb. New York, American Jewish Committee; Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society, 1961. 514 p.
Special articles on Jewish fertility in the U.S. and two centuries of
Jewish life in Canada are included, in addition to the reviews of Jewish
events in every land, with directories and statistics of Jewish organizations.
A v ig d o r , I s a a c
C. Ten for two: sermons for all holidays. New York, Jonathan
David, 1961. 319 p.
Discourses by the rabbi of the United Synagogues, Hartford, Conn.
B a d i , Jo seph .
Fundamental laws of the State of Israel. New York, Twayne,
1961. 451 p.
The legislative enactments of Israel since 1948, classified and brought
up to date.
B a e c k , L eo .
The essence of Judaism. New York, Schocken, 1961. 275 p.
Paperbound reprint.
The basic theological concepts of modern Judaism which the author
published in Germany more than 50 years ago, under the title
Wesen des Judentums.
-------. Judaism and Christianity. Cleveland, World, 1961. 292 p. Paperbound
Essays on the early development of Christianity and the Jewish origins
of certain basic teachings in other religions.
B a e r , Y i t z h a k F r i t z .
A history of the Jews in Christian Spain: vol. 1. Trans,
by Louis Schoffman. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1961. 463 p.
A thorough treatment of the century from 1130 on based on Jewish
and non-Jewish literary and historical sources.