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n n u a l
B e l f o r d , L e e .
Introduction to Judaism. New York, Association Press, 1961.
128 p.
A popular description of Jewish festivals, customs and ceremonies.
, E
, a n d W
einste in
, D
. B e n Y e h u d a ’s p o c k e t E n g l i s h -
H eb r ew H e b r ew -E n g l is h d ic t io n a r y . N ew Y ork , W a s h in g t o n S q u a r e P re ss ,
1961. 306; 320 p.
A paperback modern dictionary.
B e n Zv i, Y i t z h a k .
The exiled and the redeemed. Philadelphia, Jewish Pub-
lication Society, 1961. 285 p.
A revised edition about the Jewish communities of the Orient which
have been resettled in Israel, by the President of Israel.
B e n o i t ,
M i l i k ,
J. T., and
V a u x ,
de .
Discoveries in the Judaean Desert
II. Les grottes de Murabbat. Fair Lawn, N.J., Oxford University, 1961.
304 p. CVII plates.
New texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, some of which bear on Bar Kochba
and his times.
B e n tw i c h , N o rm a n .
My seventy-seven years. Philadelphia, Jewish Publica-
tion Society, 1961. 352 p.
The autobiography of the Professor of International Law at the
Hebrew University who was Attorney General of Palestine after a color-
ful and varied career as a lawyer and civil servant in Great Britain.
B e r k o v i t s , E l i e z e r .
A Jewish critique of the philosophy of Martin Buber.
New York, Yeshiva University, 1962. 107 p.
An orthodox rabbi's analyses of Martin Buber and the Jewish exist-
entialist position in theology.
B e r k o w i t z , W i l l i a m .
I believe: the faith of a Jew. New York, Congregation
B’nai Jeshurun, 1961. 143 p.
Dialogues on Judaism with famous American Jews.
, I
. Israel Bettan memorial volume. New York, Central Con-
ference of American Rabbis, 1961. 164 p.
Tributes to the late professor of Midrash at the Hebrew Union College
with selections from his lectures on Jewish homiletics.
B e t t e l h e im , B r u n o .
The informed heart. Glencoe, Free Press, 1961. 307 p.
An analysis of the psychological factors which subdued many Jews
in Europe when the Nazis began the mass murder of the Jewish people.
B l a n k , S h e ld o n .
Jeremiah, man and prophet. Cincinnati, Hebrew Union
College Press, 1961. 260 p.
The personality of the prophet portrayed with a literary analysis of his
message by the Professor of Bible at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish
Institute of Religion, Cincinnati.
B l a u , J o s ep h L .
The story of Jewish philosophy. New York, Random,
1962. 322 p.
An introduction to the leading schools of Jewish philosophical thought
by the Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University.
B o u l t o n , M a r j o r i e .
Zamenhof: creator of Esperanto. New York, Humanities
Press, 1961. 223 p.
A biography of the Polish Jew who devised and advocated the adoption
of one international language.
B r a h am , R a n d o l p h
L. Eichmann and destruction of Hungarian Jewry. New
York, Twayne, 1961. 60 p.
-------. Jews in the communist world: a bibliography 1945-1960. New York,
Twayne, 1962. 64 p.
A listing of books and articles about Jewish life in Eastern Europe.