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I. E.
— A
ew i sh
B r e c k , A l l e n
centennial history of the Jews of Colorado 1859-1959.
Denver, University of Denver, 1960. 360 p.
A study of the Jewish factor in American pioneering replete with
anecdotes about Jews in the Rocky Mountain region.
B r e s l a u , D a v id .
Arise and build: the story of American Habonim. New York,
Ichud Habonism Labor Zionist Youth, 1961. 260 p.
A history of Labor Zionist education for pioneering of American
Jewish youth during the last twenty-five years.
B r id g e s , R o n a l d ,
W e i g l e , L u t h e r
A. The Bible word book. New York,
Nelson, 1960. 422 p.
The editors of the Revised Standard Version analyse obsolete or
archaic words found in the older King James English translation of the
B r i o n , M a r c e l .
Chagall. New York, Abrams, 1962. 85 p. 36 color reproductions.
An appreciation of Marc Chagall’s art by a well known art critic.
B u b e r , M a r t in .
Ten rungs: hasidic sayings. New York, Schocken, 1962. 127 p.
Paperbound reprint.
A classified collection of wise maxims from the writings of hasidic
C a h n , Zvi.
The philosophy of Judaism. New York, Macmillan, 1962. 524 p.
The development of Jewish thought throughout the ages.
C a ss in , E l e n a .
San Nicandro: the story of a religious phenomenon. Phila-
delphia, Dufour, 1962. 200 p.
An account of the Italian group which accepted Judaism and estab-
lished itself in Israel.
C h a y e f s k y , P ad d y .
Gideon. New York, Random, 1962. 138 p.
A dramatic adaptation of the story in the biblical Book of Judges.
C h a s e , M a r y E l l e n .
Life and language in the Old Testament. New York,
Norton, 1962. 192 p. Paperbound reprint.
A literary appreciation of the poetry and narratives found in the Bible.
C h i e l , A r t h u r A .
The Jews in Manitoba. Toronto, University of Toronto,
1961. 203 p.
The story of the settlement of the Jews in Western Canada by the
rabbi of Genesis Hebrew Center, Tuckahoe, N.Y.
C i t r o n , S a m u e l
S. Dramatics for creative teaching. New York, United Syna-
gogue Commission on Jewish Education, 1961. 406 p.
Methods and materials for enriched programs in the Jewish school
by a pioneer in this field who is the Director of Dramatics for the
Jewish Education Committee of New York.
C o h e n ,
A. B. Memories at eighty five. Scranton, Pa., 1961. 223 p.
Autobiography of a prominent communal leader in the city of
Scranton, Pa.
C o h e n , N a t h a n
E., ed. The citizen volunteer. New York, Harper, 1960. 267 p.
The experiences of the voluntary services of the National Council of
Jewish Women are related as a program for wider adoption.
C o h o n , B e r y l D a v id .
God’s angry men. New York,
B lo c h ,
1961. 109
p .
A student’s introduction to the Hebrew prophets by the rabbi of
Temple Sinai, Brookline, Mass.
C om a y , J o a n .
Everyone’s guide
t o
Israel. Garden
C ity ,
Doubleday, 1962.
448 p.
A complete guide book for the traveler giving the history, the economy
and the government of the Jewish state with detailed travel information.
C o r n f e l d , G a a l y a h u .
Adam to Daniel. New York, Macmillan, 1961. 558 p.
An archaeological commentary to the Hebrew Bible, profusely illus-
trated, with a modern interpretation of the biblical narrative.