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n n u a l
C o r n f e l d , L i l i a n .
Israeli cookery. Westport, Conn., Avi, 1962. 350 p.
A recipe book of the varieties of Jewish cooking from every part of
the world currently found in Israel.
C r im , K e i t h .
The royal Psalms. Richmond, Va., John Knox, 1962.
A study of the biblical Psalms relating to kingship, the Davidic dynasty
and the so called annual Royal Zion Festival.
C ro ss , F r a n k M ., J r .
The ancient library of Qumran and modern biblical
studies. Garden City, Doubleday, 1961. 260 p. Paperbound reprint.
The value of the Dead Sea scrolls for biblical scholarship today.
D em a n n , P a u l .
Judaism. New York, Hawthorn, 1961. 108
p .
The basic teachings of Judaism from a Catholic viewpoint.
D e n k e r , H e n r y .
A far country. New York, Random, 1961. 134
p .
A drama based on Siegmund Freud’s earliest work in psychoanalysis
and hysteria.
D e u e l , L e o .
The treasures of time. Cleveland, World, 1961. 318
p .
21 selections of accounts by famous archaeologists of their discoveries
in the Near East.
D iam o n d , S igm und .
A casual view of America: the home letters of Salomon
de Rothschild 1859-1861. Stanford, University Press, 1961. 138 p.
The letters a European Jewish immigrant wrote to his family.
D i c k e r , H e rm a n .
Wanderers and settlers in the Far East: a century of
Jewish life in China and Japan. New York, Twayne, 1962. 207 p.
How Jewish pioneers crossed the continent of Asia on the trans-
Siberian railway to develop new Jewish communities, by a ranking
Jewish chaplain serving the U.S. armed forces in the Pacific.
D r in n o n , R i c h a r d .
Rebel in paradise: a biography of Emma Goldman.
Chicago, University of Chicago, 1961. 349 p.
The life of the famous anarchist 1869-1940, who was deported from
America in 1917, and died in Russia in 1940.
D u p o n t -S om m e r ,
A. The Essene writings from Qumran. New York, World,
1962. 428 p. Paperbound reprint.
An analysis of the Essene background of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
E ddy , S am u e l K e n n e d y .
The king is dead: studies in Near Eastern resistance
to Hellenism, 334-31 B.C. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1961.
390 p.
Included in this study is a description of the Maccabean revolt.
E f r o n , B en jam in .
Pathways through the prayerbook. Translations by Samuel
Silver. New York, Ktav, 1962. 136 p.
E h r en b u r g , I l y a .
People and life: memoirs of 1891-1917. New York, Knopf,
1961. 240 p.
The autobiography of the Russian Jewish writer about his life prior
to the revolution.
E i c h r o d t , W a l t h e r .
Theology of the Old Testament: vol. 1. Philadelphia,
Westminster, 1961. 542 p.
The concept of God and man in biblical sources.
E id e lb e r g , S h lo m o .
Jewish life in Austria in the XVth century as reflected
in the legal writings of Israel Isserlein and his contemporaries. Phila-
delphia, Dropsie College, 1962. 140 p.
Jewish sociology and community organization based on the responsa
and rabbinical literature of the period by the Professor of Jewish
History at Stern College of Yeshiva University.
E isen b e r g , A z r i e l
L. Readings in the teaching of Hebrew. New York, Jewish
Education Committee, 1961. 298 p.
The head of the Jewish Education Committee of New York presents
material for the teaching of Hebrew in American schools.