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I. E.
— A
ew i sh
E p s t e in , B en jam in R . ,
F o r s t e r , A r n o ld .
Some of my best friends. New
York, Farrar, Straus & Cudahy, 1962. 274 p.
The head of the Anti-Defamation League and its counsel describe
how discrimination and anti-Semitism persist in American life.
F e ld m a n , I r v in g .
Works and days and other poems. Boston, Little, Brown,
1961. 121 p.
Awarded the Kovner prize for poetry by the Jewish Book Council of
F e l l i g , A r t h u r .
Weegee. New York, Ziff-Davis, 1961. 159
p .
The autobiography of a well known news photographer who recorded
unusual events and people in New York on film.
F in e g a n , J a c k .
In the beginning: a journey through Genesis. New York,
Harper, 1962. 160 p.
A modem interpretation of the Book of Genesis.
F in em a n , I r v in g .
Woman of valor: the life of Henrietta Szold, 1860-1945.
New York, Simon & Schuster, 1961. 448 p.
The story of Hadassah and Youth Aliyah’s founder based on her
personal diary.
F i n k e l s t e i n , L o u is .
Akiba, scholar, saint and martyr. Cleveland, World, 1962.
384 p. Paperbound reprint.
A biography of the great Tanaitic teacher of the Mishnah by the
Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary.
F o e r s t e r , F r i e d r i c h W i l h e lm .
The Jews. New York, Farrar, Straus and
Cudahy, 1962. 157 p.
Analysis of the phenomenon of the Jews and their significance in the
context of world history from a Christian standpoint.
F r e edm a n , D a v id N o e l
W r i g h t ,
G. E., eds. The
B iblical Archaeologist
reader. Garden City,
N .Y . ,
Doubleday, 1961. 342 p.
Selected articles for Bible students from the pages of the
B iblical
on biblical scholarship and archaeological discoveries.
F r i e d la e n d e r , I s r a e l .
Past and present. New York, Burning Bush, 1961.
336 p. Paperbound reprint.
Essays on Judaism and Jewish nationalism, with an introduction by
Louis Finkelstein.
G a r y , R om a in .
Promise at dawn: a memoir. New York, Harper, 1961. 337
p .
Literary autobiography of the French writer.
G a s t e r , T h e o d o r
H. Passover: its history and traditions. Boston, Beacon,
1961. 96 p. Paperbound reprint.
The story of the Passover festival, with additional facts based on
recent research into the historical authenticity of the events of the
G e lb e r ,
M i c h a e l .
The failure of the American Rabbi. New York, Twayne,
1961. 79 p.
An evaluation of the achievement of rabbis in relation to the religious
life of Jews in America.
G e w i r t z , L e o n a r d
B. The authentic Jew and his Judaism. New York, Bloch,
1961. 342 p.
The impact of traditional Jewish concepts about God and man on
Jews in the modern world.
G in sb e rg , A l l e n .
Kaddish poems 1957-60. San Francisco, City Night Book-
shop, 1961. 100 p.
The leading poet of the beat generation begins his volume with a
Jewish theme.