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e w i s h
n n u a l
J a k o b o v i t s , Im m a n u e l .
Jewish medical ethics. New York, Bloch, 1962. 389 p.
A comparative and historical study of the Jewish attitude towards
medical practice and problems of halakic interpretation of matters like
autopsy and artificial insemination. Revised edition contains an index.
J e s s e l , G e o r g e .
Elegy in Manhattan. New York, Holt, 1961. 198
p .
Memorial tributes in verse to many American celebrities of the enter-
tainment world.
Jewish book annual: vol. 19, 5722 (1961-62). Edited by A. Alan Steinbach.
New York, Jewish Book Council of America, 1961. 218 p.
Studies on Jewish booklore and folklore, with annotated bibliographies
of Jewish books published during the year in the U.S.A. and other
Josephus. Jewish antiquities: books xxxvi-xxxvin. Trans, by Ralph Marcus
and Allen Wikgren. Cambridge, Harvard University, 1962.
The Loeb Classical Library edition of the Greek original with trans-
lation and notes.
K a l ik o w , B e t t y .
Grandma’s kosher recipes. Kansas City, Mo., Bekay, 1961.
96 p.
A modern cookbook of 209 Jewish dishes.
K am e n e t s k y , I h o r .
Secret Nazi plans for Eastern Europe. New York, Book-
man Associates, 1961. 263 p.
A study of the so-called lebensraum policy which began as coloniza-
tion and Germanization and ended with enslavement and extermination,
particularly of the Jewish people in Eastern Europe.
K a s h e r , M e n a h em M .
Encyclopedia of biblical interpretation: vol. 5. New
York, American Biblical Encyclopedia Society, 1962. 267 p.
A millenial anthology of rabbinical commentaries on the Torah trans-
lated under the editorship of Harry Freedman.
K a t z , I rv in g I .
The Jewish soldier from Michigan in the Civil War. Detroit,
Wayne State University, 1962. 62 p.
Photographs and biographical material pertaining to the Jewish
soldiers from Michigan, as well as to Jewish Civil War veterans who
settled in Michigan after the war.
K a t z , J a c o b .
Exclusiveness and tolerance: studies in Jewish-Gentile relations
in medieval and modern times. New York, Oxford University, 1961. 200 p.
An examination of Jewish and Christian sources showing the attitude
of Jews to Christians and vice versa.
-------. Tradition and crisis: Jewish society at the end of the middle ages.
Glencoe, Free Press, 1961. 280 p.
A sociological study of the pre-enlightenment period in Jewish history
by the Professor of Jewish Sociology at the Hebrew University.
K a z in , A l f r e d .
Contemporaries. Boston, Little Brown, 1962. 513
p .
Contains an appreciation of Sholom Aleichem and views on Jewish
life and modern Israel.
K a z is , I s r a e l
J. The Alexander romance in a mediaeval Hebrew version.
Cambridge, Mass., Mediaeval Academy of America, 1962.
A scholarly edition of this text by the rabbi of Temple Mishkan Tefila,
Newton, Mass.
K l u t z n i c k , P h i l i p
N o
easy answers. New York, Farrar, Straus & Cudahy,
1961. 138 p.
A candid analysis of Jewish organizational life in America by the
former head of B’nai B’rith, now serving as a U.S. representative
to the United Nations.
K o l a r z , W a l t e r .
Religion in the Soviet Union. New York, St. Martin’s,
1961. 518
p .
Includes a chapter on the Jews in modern Russia.