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e w i s h
n n u a l
S o n n t a g , J a c o b ,
ed. Caravan: a Jewish quarterly omnibus. New York, Yoseloff,
1962. 399 p.
Includes original works in English and translations of distinguished
Hebrew, Yiddish and German works, originally published in
The Jewish
of London.
S o y e r , R a p h a e l .
A painter’s pilgrimage. New York, Crown, 1962. 127 p.
Account of travels through Europe with drawings by the author who
is a well known American painter.
S t e in , L e o n .
The Triangle fire. Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1962. 224 p.
An account of the tragedy of the shirt waist factory fire in New York
which sparked much of modern social legislation in America.
S t e i n h a r d t , J ak ob .
The woodcuts. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society,
1962. 446 reproductions.
Edited by Leon Kolb with a monograph on Steinhardt’s life and art,
with reproductions in black and white.
S t e r n , H a r r y J o s h u a .
Entrusted with spiritual leadership. New York, Bloch,
1961. 120 p.
Sermons and addresses by the rabbi of Temple Emanu־El in Montreal,
S t e v e , M .
J. The living world of the Bible. Cleveland, World, 1961. 236
p .
S t e v e n s , R i c h a r d
P. American Zionism and U.S. foreign policy, 1942-1947.
New York, Pageant, 1962. 227 p.
The relation of Jewish public opinion to the official attitude of the
American government during, the crucial years of the war.
S t e v e n s o n , W i l l i a m .
o f
Palestinian Jewish Aramaic. New York,
Oxford University, 1962. 107 p.
The Aramaic of the Targums in a 2nd ed. by J. A. Emerton.
S t o f f e r , D a v id .
A selection of his papers and addresses. Newark, privately
printed, 1961.
S u t z k e v e r , A b r a h am .
Siberia. New York, Abelard-Schuman, 1961. 46 p.
A translation of the Yiddish poem with introduction by Jacob Sonntag
and drawings by Marc Chagall.
T a y l o r , R o s e .
Poems for my people. Los Angeles, Gans Book Store, 1961. 64 p.
T c h e r i k o w e r , E l i a s ,
ed. The early Jewish labor movement in the United
States. Trans, by Aaron Antonovsky. New York, Yivo Institute for
Jewish Research, 1961. 379 p.
T r a c h t e n b e r g , J o s h u a .
The devil and the Jews. Cleveland, World, 1961.
278 p. Paperbound reprint.
The medieval evidences of anti-Semitism in Europe.
T r e p p , L e o .
Eternal faith, eternal people: a journey into Judaism. Englewood
Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall, 1962. 480 p.
T u m in , M e l v in M .
An inventory and appraisal of research on American
anti-Semitism. New York, Freedom Books, 1961. 185 p.
Twenty years: American Federation of Jews from Central Europe 1940-1960.
New York, 1961. 159 p.
T w e r s k y , I sa d o r e .
Rabad of Posquieres: a 12th century Talmudist. Cam-
bridge, Harvard University, 1962. 336 p.
A study of the life and works of Rabbi Abraham ben David of
Posquieres who lived in the Provence in the 12th century and was
noted for his sharp comments on Maimonides code.
U m e n , S am u e l .
The world of Isaac Lamdan. New York, Philosophical, 1961.
103 p.
An essay about the late Israeli poet and his poem “Masada.”